The Hospitalization Support Plan from Dialog will provide financial assistance upon admission to hospital. You will receive the pay-out when you stay 2 or more nights in hospital up to 30 days within a year. The maximum payout is Rs.30,000.00 per year.

In addition to above, for the 1st time in Sri Lanka customers who are registered with Dialog Hospitalization Support Plan will have an additional dengue cover without any additional charges. This benefit applicable for both existing and new customers. From the Dengue Cover, customer will receive up to Rs.10,000/- cash benefit upon diagnosing dengue and it is mandatory to get hospitalized to get the benefit.

Dialog aims at providing financial support to policyholders who suffer some form of income loss due to hospitalization. This service will be accessible to all Dialog customers. The main insurance policy will cover only the policyholder and not his/her dependents.

The Hospitalization Support Plan offers Rs.1000 per night spent in hospital from the 2nd night onwards.

Additional Details


For all prepaid customers Daily Rental of Rs. 3.30
For all postpaid customers Monthly Charge of Rs. 99

After registering for the service, charges will be applicable from the first day of the following month.

To Register Dial #107*1#


Protect your future today with the Hospitalization Support Plan from Dialog.

Insurance Provider for Hospitalization Support Plan and Dengue Cover – Union Assurance
Insurance Service Provider – Bima

Applicable for individuals aged 18-60 years

Terms and Conditions English [ PDF ]
Sinhala [ PDF ]


Applicable taxes to be added

VAS Recommended FAQ

  • The benefit cover pays an amount of Rs. 1,000.00 per night of hospitalization up to a maximum of 30 days excluding the first day of hospitalization.
  • The policyholder is entitled to 50% of the benefit cover during the first three (3) months from policy inception and 100% of the benefit thereafter. Upon attaining the maximum cover, this level is maintained until a claim is made. The cover level then drops to 50% for three months after a claim is made. The policyholder can use the benefit to cover financial losses due to hospitalization.

Benefit Commencement

  • Commencement of the benefit starts after full payment of the first month premium.
  • Once the first month premium is fully paid, the policyholder is entitled to benefit from the first day of the following month. The product is automatically renewed if the subscriber successfully deducts the premium in any given month
  • Call 444 to make a claim
  • Claims should be initiated within three (3) months of discharge from the hospital.
  • The processing of claim will commence only after receiving these documents:
      –Hospital invoice
      –Doctor’s note
      –Identification document
  • Insurance partner will pay claims within 72 hours upon complete submission of forms.

Daily airtime deduction, renewed monthly based on successful deduction (partial coverage depending on deduction success)

If you do not have enough credits on your prepaid phone we will simply adjust the cover so that you are still covered when not fully deducted:

Partial paid insurance coverage* provided if complete deduction not possible

Upon an Insured Person defined in the Policy being diagnosed with Dengue fever, the higher of the following shall be payable:

The Dengue Cash Grant stated below or the Daily Allowance per night spent in Hospital depending on the duration of Hospitalization, as per the scale set out under Section 1.2 of the Policy.

Monthly Premium
(Rs. excluding taxes)
Daily allowance
per night spent in the Hospital (Rs.)
Dengue Cash Grant
99.00 1,000 10,000
82.50 800 10,000
66.00 650 10,000
49.50 500 5,000
33.00 300 5,000
16.50 150 5,000

The above will be subjected to:

  • The Annual Limit of LKR 30,000.00 stated under Section 1.1 of the Policy and
  • Complying with the Benefit Triggers stated below.
In order to be entitled to a Dengue Cash Grant, all of the following are mandatory.
  1. A positive result from NS1 blood test. (NS1 report shall contain the Name, age of the claimant)
  2. Date of NS1 test showing positive result for Dengue should be during the period of Hospitalization or not more than 72 hours prior to date of admission to Hospital.
  3. Admission of Claimant to Hospital
  1. Claim documents should be submitted within 60 days of discharge from the Hospital
  2. The processing of claim will commence only upon receipt of the documents stated below:
    • Copy of the Diagnosis card
    • Proof of enrolment provided by BIMA/ Dialog
    • Original report of NS1
    • Duly completed Claim Form
  3. All payable claims shall be settled within 3 working days upon receipt of all documents
  1. During one calendar year, not more than one Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber
  2. Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable only to the Insured Person/Dialog subscriber and is not transferable.
  3. The maximum indemnity payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber during any one year shall not exceed the Annual limit of LKR 30,000/- in total for Dengue Cash Grant and Hospitalization for any other disease/illness/injury.
Subject otherwise to the terms, conditions, exclusions and definitions of the Hospitalization Insurance Policy.

Step 1
Dial #107*1#

Step 2
Select ‘Register for Hospitalization Support Plan’ and provide the required details to register (Customer Name, NIC)

Step 3
You will receive a welcome SMS from Dialog Hospitalization Support Plan to confirm your registration

Step 4
For Prepaid customers payments are made through daily deductions from your phone or monthly if you are a postpaid customer

Step 5
After hospital admission call our customer support line 444. An insurance agent will assist you

Step 6
Your insurance cover will be paid out within 72 hours after you submit the completed documents>/p>

For further questions and claims call 444