Free Zone

Free Zone

Have you ever wished to search information or send & read e-mails or just keep in touch with your friends FREE of data charges?

Well, now you can do it with Free Zone powered by Google. This service is exclusively for Dialog customers who use internet enabled mobile phones.

You can now

Search anything on Google for FREE

Get information on the World Wide Web on Google FREE by visiting from your mobile.

Data charges are not applicable on Google search page and search results pages. That’s not all, you can access the link on the result page and read information you want for FREE.

Read or send e-mails via Gmail for FREE

Free Zone powered by Google will allow you to access Gmail and read and compose/reply to your mails by visiting from your Dialog mobile
However, any attachments downloaded will be charged at standard data rates.

Share anything with your friend via Google+ FREE

You can keep in touch and share anything with your friends via Google+ FREE when you access Free Zone powered by Google by visiting from your Dialog mobile.

Note : Whenever you go out of the Free Zone you will be notified of charges for data usage before downloading the page.