SMS Service from Google to Dialog Mobile

  • Log into your Gmail account and enter the Dialog Number you wish to contact in ‘Send SMS’ Box on the side bar of your Gmail
  • Enter the Contact number of SMS recipient and then click ‘Save’
  • Type Message in the Chat window and hit ‘Enter’
  • When you receive an SMS from a Gmail contact, add the incoming number to your phone’s address book (this number is associated with the sender’s Gmail account, so you can use it to send Chat messages to that person in the future). Then, you can reply to the message as you would any other text message, and your reply appears as a Chat message if your friend is logged in and as an Email when not logged in.

To activate SMS from your GMail follow the below steps

Log into your Gmail -> Mail Settings -> Labs Tab -> Enable ‘SMS text messaging in chat‘ and ‘SMS in chat gadget‘ -> Save Setting

Setup SMS Service from Google to Dialog Mobile


  • Blocking: Mobile user can reply with the word “BLOCK” to block a Gmail user from sending SMS’s. The blocking would remain in effect till Mobile User replies with the word “UNBLOCK
  • To STOP receiving SMS’s from all GMail users – Type STOP and send to 4664000
  • To RESUME receiving SMS’s from GMail users – Type START and send to 4664000


  • Gmail to Dialog – Free
  • Dialog Mobile to Gmail – Rs. 0.25 + Taxes per SMS .