Dialog ebooks

Dialog ebooks is an online books store partnered with Sarasavi Bookshop (Private) Limited. This online store allows you to download and read your favorite Sinhala, Tamil and English books on your Laptop, Tab or Smartphone. Dialog ebooks mainly emphasis on local content.

You can access the app as follows

Android Devices – Visit allapps.lk or Play Store to download the ebooks app
Laptop/PC/Tab – Visit ebooks.dialog.lk to access the ebooks app
Type ebooks and SMS to 678 from your Dialog mobile.

Android App Screenshots

my-shelfMy Shelf
book listBook List
category-listCategory List
author-listAuthor List
book-detailBook Detail
book-viewBook View
book-inside-viewInside Book

Exclusive benefits

  • 25% OFF on all books than the physical book price
  • Selected books available for free of charge
  • Application can be used from any network globally.
  • Preview option available prior to purchasing ebooks.
  • Pay only for the value of books
  • Mobile and Web compatibility
  • A maximum of up to 5 devices per a Dialog connect account
  • Local language support (Sinhala and Tamil)
  • Online & offline reading
  • Bookmarks
  • Point to last read page
  • List of chapters

Payment modes

There are 3 types of payment methods

  • Pay via Credit Card
  • Dialog eZ Cash (Only Dialog subscribers)
  • Add it to your Dialog mobile bill (Only Dialog subscribers)