Friend Finder

Friend Finder is based on the latest location tracking technology, which provides following cool features that you can enjoy with friends on your Dialog Mobile.

  1. You can track the geographical location of your friends and loved ones wherever they are on your mobile.
  2. You can look for and get to know new friends in your vicinity. All you need to do is register with the service as mentioned below & create your profile on Friend Finder. Once registered with Dialog Friend Finder, you can search for new friends, and chat with them anonymously.
  3. You can send secret messages to your friends anonymously. The recipient would only receive the location from which you last sent the SMS.


To register for Friend Finder - type REG & send to 779.
You can enjoy all these features via SMS, and do not need sophisticated handsets at all.

Click here to download a detailed list of available commands.


Each SMS sent to 779 will be charged Rs. 1.00

Applicable taxes to be added.