dtv channels

Channel No Channel Name Channel Category Per Day TV Daily
Monthly Rental
1 Rupavahini Rupavahini Local FOC FOC
2 Channel Eye Channel Eye Local FOC FOC
4 Vasantham TV Vasantham TV Local FOC FOC
5 TV Derana TV Derana Local FOC FOC
6 Swarnavahini Swarnavahini Local FOC FOC
7 Sirasa TV Sirasa TV Local FOC FOC
8 Shakthi TV Shakthi TV Local FOC FOC
9 MTV Sports MTV Sports Local Not on Offer FOC
10 Hiru TV Hiru TV Local FOC FOC
13 Ada Derana Ada Derana Local FOC FOC
14 Ridee TV Ridee TV Local Rs.4.00 FOC
15 Revision TV Revision TV Educational Rs.2.00 FOC
16 Nenasa 11 Nenasa 11 Educational FOC FOC
17 Nenasa 10 Nenasa 10 Educational FOC FOC
18 Buddhist TV Buddhist TV Religious FOC FOC
19 Shraddha TV Shraddha TV Religious FOC FOC
20 Peace TV Peace TV Religious FOC FOC
21 God TV / EWTN God TV / EWTN Religious FOC FOC
22 Al Jazeera Al Jazeera News Rs.2.00 FOC
23 Australia Plus Australia Plus News FOC Rs.49.00
24 BBC World BBC World News Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
25 CNN CNN News Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
26 CCTV News CCTV News News FOC FOC
27 NDTV NDTV News Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
28 NHK World NHK World News FOC FOC
29 Russia Today Russia Today News FOC FOC
30 Bloomberg TV Bloomberg TV News Rs.25.00 Rs.199.00
31 MTV Music MTV Music Music FOC Rs.49.00
32 VH1 VH1 Music Rs.4.00 Rs.49.00
33 Channel C Channel C Music FOC FOC
34 Sun Music Sun Music Music Rs.25.00 Rs.299.00
35 Discovery Kids Discovery Kids Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
36 POGO POGO Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
37 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
38 Toonami Toonami Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
39 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
40 Baby TV Baby TV Kids Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
41 Sony SET Sony SET Entertainment - Hindi Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
42 Set MAX Set MAX Entertainment - Hindi Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
43 Colors Colors Entertainment - Hindi Rs.4.00 FOC
44 Star Plus Star Plus Entertainment - Hindi Rs.4.00 FOC
45 Zee TV Zee TV Entertainment - Hindi Rs.4.00 Rs.49.00
46 Cine Thirai TV Cine Thirai TV Entertainment - Tamil Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
47 Sun TV Sun TV Entertainment - Tamil Rs.25.00 Rs.299.00
48 KTV KTV Entertainment - Tamil Rs.25.00 Rs.299.00
49 Star Vijay Star Vijay Entertainment - Tamil Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
50 Kalaignar TV Kalaignar TV Entertainment - Tamil Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
51 Eurosport Eurosport Sports FOC Rs.99.00
52 Neo Sports Neo Sports Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
53 Ten Sports Ten Sports Sports Rs.4.00 FOC
54 Ten Action Ten Action Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
55 Ten Cricket Ten Cricket Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
56 Star Sports 1 Star Sports 1 Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
57 Star Sports 2 Star Sports 2 Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
58 Star Sports 4 Star Sports 4 Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
59 SONY SIX SONY SIX Sports Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
60 Star Movies Star Movies Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.199.00
61 HBO HBO Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.399.00
62 HBO Signature HBO Signature Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.399.00
63 HBO Hits HBO Hits Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.399.00
64 HBO Family HBO Family Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.399.00
65 Cinemax Cinemax Movies Rs.25.00 Rs.199.00
66 Zee Studio Zee Studio Movies Rs.4.00 FOC
67 CiTiHits CiTiHits Local Not on Offer FOC
68 Nat Geo Nat Geo Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
69 NAT GEO People NAT GEO People Edutainment Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
70 Animal Planet Animal Planet Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
71 Fox Life Fox Life Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
72 Discovery Discovery Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
73 Discovery Science Discovery Science Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
74 TLC TLC Edutainment Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
75 NDTV Good Times NDTV Good Times Entertainment - English Rs.2.00 Rs.49.00
76 Zee Cafe Zee Cafe Entertainment - English FOC Rs.99.00
77 Star World Star World Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
78 Warner TV Warner TV Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
79 AXN AXN Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
80 Universal Universal Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
81 DIVA Universal DIVA Universal Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
82 Fox Crime Fox Crime Entertainment - English Rs.4.00 Rs.99.00
83 EWTN EWTN Religious FOC FOC
84 Comedy Central Comedy Central Entertainment - English Not on Offer Rs.99.00
85 FTV FTV Entertainment - English Not on Offer Rs.99.00
86 E! E! Entertainment - English Not on Offer Rs.99.00
87 Discovery Turbo Discovery Turbo Edutainment Not on Offer Rs.49.00
88 History TV18 History TV18 Edutainment Not on Offer Rs.99.00
89 Setanta Sports Setanta Sports Sports Not on Offer Rs.99.00
90 Star Sports HD 2 Star Sports HD 2 Sports Not on Offer Rs.199.00
91 AXN HD AXN HD Entertainment - English Not on Offer Rs.149.00
92 Star Movies HD Star Movies HD Movies Not on Offer Rs.199.00
93 Discovery HD Discovery HD Edutainment Not on Offer Rs.149.00
94 Nat Geo HD Nat Geo HD Edutainment Not on Offer Rs.149.00


Bouquet monthly rental for HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Signature and HBO Family is Rs. 399/-
Bouquet monthly rental for Sun TV, Sun Music and KTV is Rs. 299/-


Bouquet rental for HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Signature and HBO Family - Rs. 25/- (per day)
Bouquet rental for Sun TV, Sun Music and KTV - Rs. 25/-(per day)

High Definition

Postpaid customers can activate HD channels as a HD Channel Pack