The Dialog BizConnect is a cost-effective remote connectivity solution which provides secure mobile access via an APN (Access Point Name). It allows companies to access not just the Internet, but also their corporate applications such as email, ERP and CRM in a reliable and secure manner. This service is also capable of being accessed via a range of end to end devices such as Laptops, PDAs, POS machines and Smartphones.

Service options

  • Data Only: Access customer's corporate network only
  • Data & Internet : Access to customer's corporate network & the Internet
  • Internet via HQ : Access customer’s corporate network, but Internet access is possible only via HQ

Features & benefits

  • Increased productivity through high speed data transmission
  • Remote connectivity anytime from anywhere
  • Seamless mobility over GPRS and 3G
  • High security: authentication of all users
  • Economical connectivity mechanism
  • Mobility and seamless connectivity
  • Enabling a virtual office

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