• BreathTech-S³ - Small
  • BreathTech-S³ - Small
  • BreathTech-S³ - Small
  • BreathTech-S³ - Small

A re-usable smart product that helps the user to stay safe by notifying them with CO2 build up level, breathing rates and washing prompts. BreathTech-S³ seamlessly connects to a proprietary mobile application which will be available on iOS and Android platforms, where the following measurements are shown to the user in real-time through the application.

  • Breaths per minute – tells the user the real-time breathing rate and alerts the user if the breathing rates are not within normal levels.
  • Mask fit – tells the user if the mask is being worn properly and warns of any excessive leakage.
  • Whether the user has forgotten the mask
  • Whether they should take a fresh breath due to high CO2 build up in the mask – if the internal air quality is bad the user will be alerted to take a fresh breath.
  • When to wash the mask – as mask wearing time is monitored, the user will be alerted at the optimal time to clean the mask.
  • How to dispose of the mask responsibly – at the end of the effective life of the mask, the user will be alerted by the app and will be given clear instructions on how to dispose of the mask responsibly.
Internal Storage
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Device Details

Internal Storage Small

Product specifications

  • Washability: 15 Washes
  • Recycling: Inner and outer layer of mask is recyclable. Eco-friendly packaging.
  • Materials: Cotton based

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor Type - Printed Flexible Resistive Humidity Sensor
  • Operational Resistance Range (65-95 RH) - 6 MΩ -30 kΩ
  • Operational Range (90 – 100 RH) - 25 kΩ - 75 kΩ
  • Humidity Operational Range - 65% RH – 100% RH
  • Sensing Time (50-90RH @70% curve) - 37.8 s (<1 s/RH sensing rate)
  • Sensing Time (90-95 RH) - 1.5 s
  • Recovery Time (95-90 RH) - 1.5 s
  • Operation Time - 21 days

Mobile Operating platforms on which the App would work

  • Android – 9 or later
  • iOS– 14.0 or later

What is in the box

  • 1 Sensor
  • 5 Masks
  • 2 batteries
  • Quick Start Guide

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