Product User Guide [ English | Sinhala ]

  • This device will provide you an Ultra-High speed internet connectivity wirelessly or via a LAN cable.
  • The device can support up to 150Mbps Down Link/50Mbps Up Link. *
  • You can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously with a 250m Wi-Fi coverage area to enjoy a smoother wireless experience.
  • * Speed will vary depending on the resources of the network.

  • Router supports voice/Fax/POS machines : You can connect via telephone port
    Note: Do not connect the Router to a telephone wall outlet (or any Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • Is there a battery inside the Router to use when there is no Electricity?
    1. B310s-925 model does not have an inbuilt battery. There are power adaptors in the market with rechargeable batteries to purchase.

M60 Manual [PDF]

Plug and Play

  • Properly Insert the SIM card you received at the point of purchasing the router.
  • Connect the router to the electricity socket using the given power adaptor and start browsing - instantly.

Connecting Devices


Once connected to a power outlet, the B310s automatically powers on.

1 Power adapter

2 Ethernet port

3 Telephone

4 Laptop, tablets, or smartphone

  • Search for Wi-Fi networks on your device (Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Smart TV etc.).
  • Select ‘Dialog 4G’ and enter the Wi-Fi key mentioned in the back of the router as the password
    Example :-
    SSID : Dialog 4G
    WIFI Key : Y2G8BTMA7MY
  • What are the devices which can be connected to my router?
    PC/Switch/Router through Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi Enabled devices, Analog Phone/Fax/POS machines, CCTV /surveillance devices
  • What is the purpose of WPS button?
    WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS is a network security standard that allows users to easily secure a wireless home network , connect wireless devices to it without accessing the router configuration screens and wireless network security key / password. To connect WPS both parties should support WPS.
  • How many devices can be connected to the router simultaneously?
    32 Devices.
  • What is the Wi-Fi coverage area of a router?
    250M line of sight. Area may reduce when signal pass through object
  • How can I extend Wi-Fi coverage?
    There are third party Wi-Fi Boosters/Extenders in the market. You need to pair it with the router by following the guidelines provided with the Booster/Extender
  • What should I do if I forgot my Wi-Fi Key?
    The default Wi-Fi Key is available under the CPE, if you have changed it to your own, need to reset the router by pushing the reset button in the back side of router. Then you can re-use the default Wi-Fi key or call the Dialog Hotline on 117100100 and ask directions to reset.

Configuring Your Router

  • You can configure the router as you require after connecting your devices wirelessly or via a LAN cable.
  • Visit log in to the router and change your Wi-Fi network (SSID) name, Passwords (Wi-Fi key) and other credentials as you wish.
  • 1. What is the User name/ Password to log on to the router?
    Need to refer password details sticker pasted on back side of the router and you can find details from that. It is not the Wi-Fi key.


  • How to replace my damaged or lost unit (Antenna/Power adaptor/Router or SIM)?
    Visit nearest Dialog service center.
  • Can I do relocation of the router, if required?
    Yes. You have to call the Dialog hotline 117100100 and inform in advance.
  • How to return the units, if not using?
    ? Visit nearest Dialog service center and Disconnect the connection to avoid bills hand return back the router and accessories.
  • Who owns the Router?
    If the connection is Post Paid, the ownership of the Router is fully owned by Dialog which means Customer need to return the units, if not using and Dialog can recover the unit at any time. If Pre-Paid, Router is fully owned by customer.