OfficeNet is a fixed wireless broadband solution. What this means is that this is a service you install at your home or office to get fast, reliable broadband. WiMax is the technology we use to bring the Internet from the tower to your home. From there you can connect PCs or laptops via ethernet cable or a WiFi transmitter (purchased separately). OfficeNet is an unlimited connection which delivers consistent speeds.


To begin using OfficeNet simply visit a Dialog Arcade or service centre. Once you sign up, our team will visit your office to setup the connection. They need to install an antenna outside to pick up the signal from the tower. Then you’ll get an ethernet connection (through an included modem) which you can connect directly to a computer or to a router. The first time you setup a router you may need to enter a username and password (provided).


This is an always on connection, so you simply have to turn your computer on and ensure that it’s connected to the modem, either by cable or WiFi. Then simply browse away.

Package Download Speed (up to) Uploads (up to) IP Address Mailboxes Web Space
OfficeNet 2 Mbps 512 Kbps Dynamic 5 10MB
OfficeNet+ 4 Mbps 1 Mbps Static 10 10MB

What do these features mean? Download speed is the most important, it’s how fast you can view webpages and download files. 2Mbps or 4Mbps speeds are more suitable for environments where more than one computer is connected to the internet (office type environments).

Upload speed is how fast you can send stuff to other people and websites. For example, sending an attachment to others or uploading a video.

Mailboxes enable you to send and receive email from a Dialog Broadband account while Web Space means you can host your own webpage.

IP address isn’t relevant for most people, but a static IP does enable you to host your own web or email server and get remote access to your PC from somewhere else.

You can also configure a variety of VAS, including:

Value Added Service Monthly Rental
Extra 01 Email box (10MB) Rs. 50
Extra 05 Email boxes (10MB each) Rs. 200
Extra 10 Email boxes (10MB each) Rs. 350
Static IP option Rs. 4300
DNS Hosting Rs. 500


There are a variety of packages to suit any home or office.

Package Service Activation CPE Maintenance Monthly Rental Minimum Contract
OfficeNet Rs. 2,000 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 5,000 6 months
OfficeNet+ Rs. 2,000 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 12,500 6 months
  • Connection fee includes service activation and CPE maintenance charges.
  • Broadband is a shared bandwidth service. Actual speeds may be slower and vary due to many factors including plan selected, internet traffic, website traffic and hardware and software configurations and applications.
  • Prices are excluding Government Taxes.
  • If you want to connect multiple computers you would require a router.
TRC Reference No. TRC/EC/ADT/DBB


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