BES is a Global Wireless Enterprise Solution that provides a secure solution which extends corporate data and applications to BlackBerry users including email, personal information management, sales force automation, field services and document management among other services. BES gives real time synchronizing of corporate email, calander and address book.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Offer

  • High security for information
  • Push-based architecture delivers messages and data automatically to the mail address
  • Supports Over-the-Air application deployment
  • Provides an easy systems management

Mobile Professional Benefits

  • Drive sales and close sales faster
  • Accelerate the sales cycle and thereby increase efficiency
  • Improve customer service and responsiveness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Maximize productivity

IT Benefits

  • Secure wireless access to corporate data applications
  • Simplified management and centralized control
  • Leverages existing infrastructure and investment
  • Multiple device support: BlackBerry Enterprise Server is network-agnostic and works with all BlackBerry handhelds and BlackBerry Connect enabled handhelds
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Lightweight and small handhelds with user friendly functionalities
  • End-to-end security incorporating advanced triple DES encryption technology

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