Dialog BizConferencing offers you both scheduled and instant Audio Conferencing with a range of features that help you manage and optimize an audio conference. These features can be easily controlled and managed by the enterprise from anywhere in the world and includes recording, playback and document sharing offered on a hosted platform with an internet enabled portal for setup.


Web Portal Access Controlled through a secure web portal and it can be accessed via any type of internet connection.
Scheduling Features include scheduling new conferences, editing scheduled conferences, sending e-mails and calendar notifications about the conference to the participants.
Access control A separate pin code will be arbitrarily generated for each conference and participants have to use the pin code to enter the conference.
Call control During the conference, the administrator can add, mute and drop participants and also record the conference
Recording playback Ability to playback a recorded conference. Sends an e-mail message with the URL of the audio recording to the outside parties’ phone numbers, enabling them to listen to the recording on the phone.
Reports generating Generates reports on past conferences.
Document Sharing The conference leader can share MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint documents with the participants of the conference.

User benefits

  • Easy access
  • Possible to use any type of phone from anywhere
  • Full feature control
  • No initial investment
  • Different package options

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