Dialog Smart PABX is a solution by Dialog which enables your company to enjoy a fully featured hosted PABX solution, with CDMA phones as extensions. As Dialog Smart PABX solutions do not require any physical wiring, it is a complete Wireless PABX solution.

Dialog Smart PABX System is based on a next generation hosted solution on a platform by Broadsoft. It is an extended version of a hosted voice solution where it enables the integration with the CDMA network. As a result, Smart PABX will convert the CDMA phone into a fully featured hosted PABX solution, enabling hassle free PABX functionality without strings attached.

Dialog Smart PABX solutions can be given in three flavours as follows:

  • Integration with a location where there is an in-house PABX
  • Integration with a total hosted solution
  • Provide individual connections with extensions

Smart PABX features:

  • Single Auto Attendant (IVR) Operator console for all hosted and CDMA extensions
  • Unique web based client application for each individual CDMA extension
  • Single extension level Bill for all hosted and CDMA extensions

Dialog Smart PABX where does it fit

  • Isolated or remote locations with no connectivity to the main office ex: security points, stores
  • Isolated hot spots ex: ATM machines
  • Distributed communication points, where cabling will be a high investment ex: estates, hotels with cabana’s
  • Small scale retail shops / offices, where requirement is for one or two extensions ex: food retail shops
  • Situations with urgent communication requirements ex: opening of a new branch
  • Remote small scale call center solutions ex: Home agents
  • Temporary setup locations. ex: Building sites

Service Availability

Due to the high coverage of CDMA, Smart PABX has a strong network coverage, making it an ideal solution for remote areas with limited network coverage.

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