The Dialog Bulk SMS solution is based on a powerful general-purpose text-messaging platform (DiaText) and General Purpose Interface (GPI) developed by Dialog Axiata PLC around the GSM Short Message Service (SMS).

Users will be given a web page where they would be able to type a 160 character message and then send it out to their clients or staff, through a database collated by them. The number of messages sent and the timing of the transmission would depend solely on the company.


  • Capable of sending thousands of SMS in minutes. Eg:- 300 SMS per second
  • Branding: A personalized message ID. Eg:- Company name or short code (2222)
  • Confidentiality and security: Interface log in uses a single access username and password
  • Web based user accounts with a storage capacity, groups and address books
  • Group SMS: Send SMS to large groups
  • Connectivity: 24×7 service from any location
  • Scheduled Messaging

Limitations of Dialog Bulk SMS

  • Two way communication is not possible

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