For customers requiring reliable, flexible and secure network connectivity, the Global IPVPN solution is ideal to handle multiple tasks ranging from mission critical enterprise resource planning, quality videoconferencing, voice over IP to convenient e-mail and web-based applications. We serve you through our Global IPVPN (IP Virtual Private Network) Layer 2 & 3 IPVPN solution to seamlessly converge data, voice, video and multimedia. Our aim is to ensure that we provide customized solutions to solve complex networking issues relating to scalability, speed and quality of service.


  • Global coverage
    Dialog’s seamless Global MPLS network with points of presence (PoPs) in more than 90 countries as on-net & off-net enables end-to-end secure networking. The network is backed by our own points of presence in Singapore, UK and Hong Kong and premier partnership peerings to support robust communications.
  • Partners
    Our partnerships with key global carriers further expand our coverage to strategic markets worldwide and provides resiliency to our network. Our partners include PCCW Global, Telecom Malaysia, Verizon Business, Starhub, Cable & Wireless, Reach, Dhiraagu, Sprint, British Telecom , XL Axiata, Multinet and the portfolio keeps on growing.
  • Security
    The solution is built to maintain confidentiality of customer data by keeping routing information and traffic segregated from different VPNs and other networks. Our redundant network architecture supports rerouting of traffic minimizing downtimes.
  • Last mile
    Our superior service is offered via diversified last mile solutions to any location in Sri Lanka with industry leading SLAs. With our rapidly expanding Colombo Metro project, fiber optical infrastructure is extended to customer premises. Our wireless solution extends coverage to all parts of Sri Lanka to ensure best-in-class service end-to-end.


  • Cost effective
    A cost effective solution for global connectivity with enhanced security to ensure privacy of proprietary information. A fully scalable solution with the ability to add multiple locations which can be connected with a single addition to the MPLS network.
  • Customized Solutions
    Customers can organize their nodes into hub-spoke or total mesh connectivity provided without the need for dedicated VPN equipment for encryption.Customized solutions are provided through Four Classes of Service (CoS) to prioritize network traffic, ensuring successful delivery and performance of critical applications. Customers can choose the best solution for their needs through Flexi-CoS configuration giving higher priority to more critical traffic, such as email, and lower priority to functions such as web browsing
Class 1- Multimedia Real-time packet forwarding designed to meet delay-sensitive application requirements such as Voice and Critical Video conferencing requirements.
Class 2- Mission Critical Designed for premium business applications that are performance sensitive i.e. SNA, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Telnet etc.
Class 3- Standard Data Standard level of performance for normal applications, e.g. Email, FTP, Intranet
Class 4- Economy Data Designed for delay insensitive best effort data i.e. Internet traffic, SMTP, FTP, other general applications, etc.
  • Service performance levels
    Dialog also provides service transparency via a web-based portal with real time monitoring to ensure customers gain network visibility. It provides the customer the opportunity to measure the major performance parameters including round trip network latency from source to destination, utilization, availability, packet loss and jitter.

    Dialog maintains a Network Operations Center (24/7) which provides round the clock real-time network monitoring, technical expertise in English, monitoring and troubleshooting procedures based on consistent quality service levels.

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