Secure end-to-end connectivity for all your communication needs. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is an essential business tool to increase your operational efficiency and connectivity between multiple global offices. Leveraging on being the only International data service provider to have access on all cables landing in Sri Lanka, Dialog is well positioned to ensure that the customer receives the most reliable, secure and customized solutions to any destination.


  • End-to-end solution with single point of accountability
    Dialog provides convenience to its customers by providing a customized solution that can access multiple applications including data, video, voice and multimedia. In addition to a simplified ordering and billing process, Dialog is the single point of contact for service management and fault resolution.
  • Optimum redundancy
    Dialog owns and leases capacity on all major submarine fiber optic cables landing in Sri Lanka. As the only International data service provider to have access to all cables in Sri Lanka, it enables us to provide diversity and service levels, allowing automatic routing to a different path in case of a service disruption.
  • Points of Presence
    A robust network built on our own PoPs in key global locations in Singapore, UK and Hong Kong. It enables seamless connectivity to our partners extending our reach to more than 90 countries eliminating all interoperability concerns.
  • Last mile solutions
    Our superior service is offered via diversified last mile solutions to any location in Sri Lanka. With our rapidly expanding Colombo Metro project fiber optical infrastructure is extended to customer premises. Our wireless solution extends coverage to all parts of Sri Lanka to ensure best-in-class service end-to-end.
  • Global Partnerships
    Dialog has partnered with more than 50 Tier-1 and Tier-2 international global service providers to provide uninterrupted connectivity to our customers in more than 90 countries. Global providers now use Dialog to extend coverage to their customers establishing a presence in Colombo.


  • Diversity
    Diversified cable routing paths creates seamless connectivity and ensures optimal performance. In the event of an interruption, service will be switched to an alternate path to enable maximum performance levels.
  • Service Management
    Dialog’s real-time network monitoring optimizes your network performance by offering 24/7 dedicated coverage from our Technical Support Team. A single point of contact is created for failure detection, isolation and resolution.
  • Commercial Flexibility
    Comprehensive global access via a simplified ordering and billing process with flexible service terms of one, two and three year leases. Customer will have one supplier and point of contact for ordering, installation, management and billing of the circuit. Services are provisioned promptly in order to meet the demanding requirements of the customer.
  • Service Level Guarantee
    Dialog assures an uncompromising service quality, backed by our SLA on service performance.

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