Internet and fixed lines combined with loads of features. 4 or 8 fixed voice lines can be added depending on your requirement, which add a load of features and benefit to you. Such as :

  • Internet with download speeds up to 4Mbps
  • Up to 8 fixed lines
  • Up to 10 email boxes
  • 10MB web space


  • No Connection Fee
  • An Initial Deposit is charged and would be rebated with the 2nd to the 6th monthly bills

There are a variety of packages for you to choose based on your requirement.

Package Download Speed Upload Speed IP Address Mail Boxes Web Space
Box Office Upto 1Mbps Upto 256Kbps Dynamic 4 10MB
Upto 2Mbps Upto 512Kbps Dynamic 5 10MB
Upto 4Mbps Upto 1Mbps Dynamic 10 10MB

Touch Corporate Fuel Card

A unique corporate fuel management solution .

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