Dialog Box Office is an all in one solution and it’s all about benefits. It ushers in definite cost cutting features and revolutionary changes. Voice – Internet – Email and PBX features all in a composite package, is what Box Office is all about.

Dialog Box Office is designed to link Phones, Fax Machines, PBX and the LAN of your office to Internet. Your simple Business Communication requirements are all linked through one single system. The outcome is a smooth flow of information and total integration, in every sphere of business activity.

With its plug and play possibilities, it is ensured that Dialog Box Office will simplify the flow of information drastically.


  • Dialog Box Office synergises a complex web of services into one composite solution, offering convenience.
  • One installation effort establishes cutting-edge solutions for a gamut of applications ready to run at the pace of chaos. Your single point of contact for your total communication solution is us, making it hassle free.
  • With the lowest voice tariff in the market, voice call cost reduction of up to 40% is possible.
  • The amalgamation of internet and voice solutions by itself offers immediate cost benefits in terms of reduction of rentals.
  • Web portal control of call feature management would mean your dependability on external parties are non-existent.
  • No additional costs on maintenance.
  • At the end of the month there’s only one single bill for all of these features


  • Voice Lines : 4/8 lines with IDD
  • Features on Voice Lines : CLI, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, 3-way Call
  • E-mail : 5/10 accounts (10MB per account)
  • IP : Dynamic or Static depending on Broadband Package
  • Website : Sub domain with 10 MB capacity
  • Web Based Management : Voice communication & Broadband access
  • Virus Protection : For all email accounts
  • Firewall Protection : Common firewall for broadband access

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