touch card

Now empower your enterprise with a unique corporate fuel management solution which simplifies transactions and back office processing with just a touch. Complete with instant SMS notification and administration interface.

Touch Corporate Fuel Card is an innovative solution by Dialog Axiata PLC based on ‘Near Field Communication’ technology. It works to replace the company fuel books and eliminate time spent in collating and breakdown of fuel usage information, increase security and provide real time management information.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Replacement of the Fuel Book
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Easy to use tap and go mechanism
  • Multiple applications embedded in a single card
  • Operational efficiency & Cost reduction
  • Instant SMS notification on every Transaction
  • Web Interface for both User & Administrative Fuel Station / Institute
  • Ability to pre determine limits to employees (Fuel limits / Usage times / Filling Stations)
  • Monitor activity by Date, Time and Location of each transaction

Touch Corporate Fuel Card

A unique corporate fuel management solution .

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