The Rights of Our Customers

  1. To express your view on the experience of the service you have received from us as constructive feedback
  2. To know the name of any staff member that you deal with
  3. To know the status and action taken on your complaint, and be aware of the service levels offered by us
  4. To be assured that all your personal and connection related information is treated with absolute confidentiality
  5. To be treated with respect and courtesy regardless of your beliefs, values, religion, appearance or political views
  6. To know all associated charges and subsequent changes in experience prior to a modification
  7. To contact a supervisor, line manager or upper management when necessary

The Responsibilities of Our Customers

  1. To disclose necessary information and identification proof when interacting with our systems or staff members
  2. To report any issues in billing or charging within 14 days of the bill date (Privacy policy)
  3. To notify us in case your devices are lost or stolen
  4. To keep your device secured and password protected to secure your information
  5. To take ownership of the content, features or applications that are on your devices
  6. To settle dues on time so that we may ensure uninterrupted service
  7. To treat our staff with understanding and courtesy as they continuously work to make your experience better
  8. To act with maturity when dealing with any of our touch points, and refrain from physical or verbal abuse
  9. To not seek personal information or any other such details of a 3rd party from any of our staff members or service points
  10. To ensure that all your connections or services obtained from Dialog, as applicable, are registered under your name