1. If your Night Time Bonus Quota bundle is fully consumed, any usage from 12 midnight to 8 a.m. will be deducted from your available Anytime Data quota.
  2. Or, you still have capacity remaining in your Night Time Bonus Quota, but Anytime usage of the previous day hasn’t been updated as the session ended before reaching 300MB , it will be updated at the end of the session. Hence you would see usage in the Anytime usage quota.
Call the Dialog hotline to reset it.
System will update data usage records in 300MB blocks. If your previous usage session is less than 300MB, current session will not appear until the system receives data to fill 300MB block. Once this 300MB block is complete, it will appear in the usage record history. In this process when updating the entry, the system will use the time and the date where 300MB block is completed in FULL. However, sessions with less than 300MB can appear in the usage record history if the customer happens to restart - the router intentionally or unintentionally (power failure/router switched-off)
This happens in situations where the customer’s router enters in to a power re-circle or reboot during usage. Router restart will trigger the system to send usage records to usage record history without waiting for a 300MB block to complete. This will indicate the usage details of the last session based on current records and not in complete 300MB blocks.
If your session ends prematurely before completing 300MB block, the system will wait until it receives data to complete 300MB block to display. No usage record will appear in usage record history until the current block reaches 300MB.
  • Make sure the CPE is ON.
  • Check whether the network cable between the CPE and the computer is properly connected.
  • Ensure that the IP address is typed correctly.
  • Find out if your PC or laptop meets the recommended requirements.
  • Check if your PC is performing a heavy duty download or other activities (backups, virus scan).
  • Check bandwidth connectivity of other computers if the Wi-Fi or wired connection is shared.
  • Check CPE unit for at least 3 bars in the signal indicator.
  • Check on the CPE Mode indicator colour.
  • Check the power LED on your computer, CPE unit.
  • Check if CPE ethernet cables are connected to your PC for wired connectivity.
  • Check If Wi-Fi is enabled and connected on your laptop or smartphone for wireless connectivity.
You can call Customer Service on 011 7 100 100 and they will guide you through the process. If your premises are within the approximate coverage area, a sales person will visit you at home or at your business to arrange for your broadband connection.

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