With Dialog 3G services you can make video calls, IDD video calls, TV on the phone, access high speed Internet connections for web browsing, 3D phone games and video streaming for music videos and movie trailers.

Within the 3G coverage area you will experience HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and high data rates (speed). You will also be able to access the Dialog 3G portal (www.dialog3g.com) on your 3G phone.

GPRS card phone's, PDA's. Data cable, Infrared or blue tooth if to connect the PC or the laptop.
BlackBerry Connect technology gives you wireless access to your personal and corporate e-mails on your preferred device. You can enjoy a range of conveniences including sending/receiving mails, viewing attachments, updating your calendar in sync with your mail server - all from a device of your choice. All the features and functionality of your favorite BlackBerry enabled device, plus the added benefits of wireless email access to stay connected anywhere.
There are three BlackBerry solutions offered by Dialog
  1. BlackBerry internet solution (BIS)
  2. BlackBerry Lite
  3. BlackBerry Enterprise solution (BES) – mainly for corporate users

Yes it is possible, provided roaming is activated. Current roaming deposits and charges will be applicable.

If you have a 3G compatible mobile unit that's all you need to enjoy the superior 3rd Generation mobile experience. 3G is enabled* to all (post and pre) subscribers. Therefore you do not need to swap your SIM. You can enjoy all 3G services and benefits with your Dialog prepaid and postpaid connections.

Check whether the settings are inserted properly.

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