No activation required. This service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid connections. Service depends on phone compatibility.
Caller Line Identification: This service should be active on all connections.
When you want to divert your calls, simply enter the appropriate code into your phone and send. The general pattern is **[CODE NUMBER]*[OTHER NUMBER]#. To simply divert all calls the code is 21. Be sure to remember the code to turn deactivation off.
Divert All Calls **21*(other number)# and SEND/OK
eg. **21*0777123456# SEND
Divert When Busy **67*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Divert When Unanswered
(about 30 seconds)
**61*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Divert When Unreachable
(off or out of coverage)
**62*(other number)# and SEND/OK
Deactivation ##002# and SEND/OK
Check whether divert is active *#CODE# and SEND/OK

Most services are active by default. Call Hold and Call Waiting may require activation, using the following codes.

There are also codes listed to check.

Call Hold and Call Waiting

Activate Call Holding via SMS by sending VAS CH to 678.

You can also activate both of these services using the following codes:

Activation: *43# and SEND/OK

Deactivation: #43# and SEND/OK

Check whether services are active: *#43# and SEND/OK

You can setup a call, remove a participant, replace a participant and talk privately to one individual, all through your phone.

Setup a Call

  1. Make a call
  2. When it connects, put that call on hold,
  3. Make a new call,
  4. Now conference should appear in the phone menu, select that.
  5. Repeat as necessary

You can call conference with people that you call or people that call you. That is, you can either call everyone on your list or have them call you.

No. The customer has to request for the facility with their new connection or activate it through our value added counter or by dialing 678 through the mobile.
By dialing 771 or 711. It will cost Rs. 3.00 per minute. From a land line, you can dial 077 7 022 022 and follow the instructions.
Call Hold: This service lets you pause a call and place that person on hold, without ending the call Call Waiting: While you're on a call, this service gives you an alert that another person is trying to reach you. You can decide to take that call later or put the first person on hold and switch. You can even Call Conference everyone together into one call.
No special activation is required. The shortcodes are entered directly on your phone as per the Use section below.

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