Zer077 Live is a push service, where messages (short flash messages on quizzes, tips, jokes, riddles, games, wall paper and service related) are delivered to your mobile phone. You will not be charged for these messages. However, you will only be charged when clicking on a message to interact or for more info
  1. Select 'Dialog Services' on your phone menu
  2. Select Zer077 Live followed by 'Activations', then click on 'Activate'
  3. Choose 'Update Handset' on your Zer077 Live menu


To activate this service, Prepaid customers need a sufficient account balance while Postpaid customers only need to have their connection status as ‘connected’.


  • Dial 387 and follow the instructions to register. The service will be activated instantly.


  • Type RING and send to 678


  • Dial #107# and follow the instructions given.
  • Dial #387# and follow the instructions given.

SelfCare App

  • Mobile > RingIN Tone > Download Tone (the service will be activated)



  • Type OFF[space]RING and send to 678


  • Dial 678 and follow the instructions given

SelfCare App

  • Go to VAS Services, select “VAS Service” & deactivate the service
  1. During one calendar year, not more than one Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber.
  2. The Dengue Cash Grant shall be payable only to the Insured Person/Dialog subscriber and is not transferable.
  3. The maximum indemnity payable to any one Insured Person/Dialog subscriber during any one year shall not exceed the annual limit of 30 nights in total for the Dengue Cash Grant and hospitalization for any other disease/illness/injury.
Subject otherwise to the terms, conditions, exclusions and definitions of the Hospitalization Insurance Policy.
The following are mandatory to be entitled to the Dengue Cover:
  • A positive result from the NS1 Antigen Test is mandatory for registered private hospitalization (NS1 antigen report should contain the name and age of the patient)
  • Date of NS1 Antigen Test showing “positive” result for dengue should be during hospitalization or not more than 72 hours prior to time of admission to the hospital
  • Patient’s admission to hospital is mandatory
  • NS1 report is not compulsory for government hospitalization
  1. Claim documents should be submitted within 90 days of being discharged from the hospital
  2. Processing of the claim will commence only upon receipt of documents stated below:
    • Copy of the diagnosis card
    • Original report of NS1
    • Duly completed claim form
  3. All payable claims shall be settled within 5 working days upon receipt of all documents
Yes, calls to 458 go unanswered and will immediately drop after it rings. This is how the service works. Once the call is dropped, the funds will be transferred to your connection. However, if you call 458 for the first time, you will have to choose the bank of your choice for this service.
You can reload Rs 100/- with each missed call.
Yes. You can only reload up to Rs 500/- in a single day i.e. a maximum of 5 successful missed calls.
Yes. You can only reload once every 5 minutes.
You will receive an SMS notification with further details, depending on the success of your miss-call reload request.
Dial #458# from the relevant phone and your registration to Miss-Call Reload will be discontinued immediately. However, if you want to cancel the service permanently, please contact the relevant bank and remove your subscription.
You need to register for the service both with the bank and with Dialog. If registration is only done with Dialog and the service request is attempted via 458, a message will be generated informing the customer of the contact details of the bank and will request them to register for service with the bank.
Dial #458# from the relevant phone and your registration to Miss-call Reload will be discontinued. Then, dial 458 to choose your preferred bank.
  Sampath Bank LOLC Finance
Customer should be registered with the following bank service(s) Sampath Bank SMS Banking LOLC Finance SMS Banking Service

Option 1: Via Tickets/Receipts:

All tickets and receipts given by the conductor will provide the real-time card balance.

Option 2: Via SMS:

Type BAL <space> DID number and send to 1393
(This will show the balance in the system, not the real-time balance available for use on the card).

Option 3: Via Touch retailer point:

Produce the card to the nearest Touch retailer point and obtain the card balance (This will show the real-time balance on the card available for use).

PIN Change

Via SMS:

  • SMS: Type Ez [space] “NEWPIN” in letters [space], the existing PIN and send to 356
  • You will receive a confirmation message and a 6-digit system generated PIN.


  • Dial #356#

PIN Reset Request

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can ask for it to be reset.

Via SMS:

SMS: Type Ez[space]RESETPIN and send to 356

The PIN will be reset to the default and after that, you can request it to be changed as explained above.

  • Via the hotline - PIN resets can be done by contacting the hotline.
  • Walk-in - PIN resets can even be done by visiting a Dialog outlet.


The PIN reset process will take 24 hours, regardless of which option is used.

Claims are required to be initiated within 90 days of being discharged from the hospital

The processing of claims will commence only after receiving these documents:

  • Completed claim form
  • Copy of completed diagnosis card
  • Copy of identification document (identity card/driving license)
  • Proof of enrolment (provided by Milvik)

The insurance partner will pay claims within 5 working days of complete submission of forms

Watch out for the ‘Discount Zone’ message on your Dialog phone screen and simply dial #677# to register.

Or Check Discount Zone notification message on Zero77 Live and Press OK.

Yes. Hospitalization claims due to COVID-19 is covered up to the limit of your registered policy.

Note – Admission to a Hospital is mandatory to be eligible for the claim.

Dial 678 (Postpaid) and 676 (Prepaid) to activate CLI.
Divert all calls ** 21 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when busy ** 67 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when unanswered
(approx. 30 seconds)
** 61 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when unreachable
(mobile off or no coverage)
** 62 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Checking whether Divert is active *# CODE # and SEND/OK


Type ##002# and SEND/OK
Or select "Cancel All Diverts" on the phone menu.

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