Call our customer care hotline on 11 7 100 100 if you're facing any difficulty with your telephone. Our trained customer care unit is available 24 hours a day to attend to your needs.

You get full access to the Internet, including email, newsgroups, and the World Wide Web.

Make sure the antenna is installed correctly. Maybe it is because no signal can be received, or the receiving signal is too weak. Adjust the position and angle of the outdoor antenna and make it point in the direction of the base station.
Simply dial 456 from your Dialog CDMA phone.
  • Check whether the wireless environment of the FWT is good or not, and make sure the signal strength indicator shows more than a two-signal indication. (If the signal strength is only one signal indication, it cannot be ensured the date service is normal.)
  • Check whether the user name and password are typed correctly. If the problem remains, contact the service provider.
Please visit one of our Technical Centers along with the phone unit.

Activation: Dial *62*0117101101# press send

Deactivation: Dial #62# Press send

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