Code : 531531

Please note that this is not valid if the SIM requests for a PUK code. PUK code would vary depending on the phone number and could be obtained by calling the hotline.

Close the app, restart Bluetooth and re-pair. If this does not work, restart your phone and try again.

Details on all current packages can be obtained from our Rates page.

Dial 0777678678 (Postpaid Hotline) or 0777123456 (Prepaid Hotline) and select ¿To know about your package tariff and services¿ menu option. You can select the relevant options to check on free minutes, package tariff and value added service information.

Dial #147# USSD or type GPRS and send to 678.
Yes, by simply dial #147# USSD you can Ask for Credit from Dialog
Type OFF RING and send to 678 or Download the Dialog Self-Care App
Visit our RingIN tones web site on
Download the Dialog Self Care App or simply dial 456 IVR or dial #147#
Dialog’s Auto-Loan facility allows Pre Paid customers to request credit directly from Dialog or from another Dialog Mobile subscriber. Simply dial #147# USSD or Dial 356 IVR to activate.

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