Broadband Internet is a term which refers to a signaling method that includes or handles a relatively wide range of frequencies which may be divided into channels. The wider the channel or bandwidth, the greater the information carrying capacity. In traditional data communication, a modem will transmit a bandwidth of 64 kilobits per second (Kbit/s) over a telephone line; over the same telephone line a bandwidth of several megabits per second (Mbits/s) can be handled by a Broadband connection, making your internet experience faster.

Due to different 4G technology adopted by different operators around the world, your 4G smartphone might be configured to run only on a specific country’s 4G network and thus not compatible with Dialog’s 4G network.

  • A smooth video experience on the move
  • Mobile HD streaming
  • Faster photo uploads 
  • Load websites faster
  • Download songs on the move faster
  • Download documents and presentations within a short period

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