Zer077 Live is a push service, where messages (short flash messages on quizzes, tips, jokes, riddles, games, wall paper and service related) are delivered to your mobile phone. You will not be charged for these messages. However, you will only be charged when clicking on a message to interact or for more info
  1. Select 'Dialog Services' on your phone menu
  2. Select Zer077 Live followed by 'Activations', then click on 'Activate'
  3. Choose 'Update Handset' on your Zer077 Live menu

Tax applicable (daily)

Basic Premium : Rs. 1.00
Admin fee (.35%) (IBSL) : Rs. 0.0035
NBL  (Basic Premium + Admin fee) x 2/98 : Rs. 0.0205
    Rs. 1.024
VAT (12%) : Rs. 0.1229
Total   Rs. 1.1469

A claim can be made when the insured customer has suffered death or disability from accident, subject to the exclusions outlined listed in our terms and conditions

The claim must be made by the nominee (in the case of death) or the insured customer (in the case of disability) named at the point of registration, within the claims filing period.

We should be notified of the occurrence of death or disability of the insured subscriber due to accident as soon as possible, but not exceeding 60 (sixty) days from the date of occurrence after which it will be treated as time-barred and Ceylinco is not bound to pay the Claim.

For claims, the nominee should call the telephone number: 444. The customer will receive all detailed information regarding the claims process when they text this number. An agent will call the customer and explain what is needed in the claims process.

The chosen nominee could be anyone, although it is common to choose a family member or somebody you want to benefit with the cover amount.
There are three ways
  • Self-registeration on your mobile by dialling #107# and selecting option 1
  • Visiting a Dialog customer center
  • Calling the dedicated hotline 444 for more information
Any Dialog pre-paid or post-paid customer between 18 - 60 years of age.

Dialog will adopt a flexible deduction scheme to allow registered customers who have been partially deducted to still be provided with insurance coverage

Amount successfully deducted in calendar month Insurance cover in following calendar month
Rs. 30.00 Rs. 1,000,000.00
Rs. 25.00 Rs. 800,000.00
Rs. 20.00 Rs. 650,000.00
Rs. 15.00 Rs. 500,000.00
Rs. 10.00 Rs. 300,000.00
Rs. 5.00 Rs. 150,000.00
You will receive an SMS informing you about the cover level you will have the coming calendar month. This SMS is sent on a monthly basis.
If there are any partners who have games available in your proximity, this will be listed on the games menu. Select the game option and point the camera towards the registered image to start playing the game. You can win gifts and surprises by playing the game.

Yes. Deals can be selected based on 8 generic products and service categories.

This option enables you to locate deals around you in augmented reality via your mobile camera.


Most code readers, including the popular i-nigma, can decode two international standards (QR Code and Datamatrix).
International data charges will apply for mobile usage overseas. Find out more about international roaming.

The type of content embedded within a mobile code can include:

  • Mobile websites (URLs)
  • Contact details (vCard)
  • Phone numbers
  • Pre-defined SMS (Destination phone number and SMS message text)
  • Plain text
Dialog 2D barcodes can be found on billboards, business cards, in magazines and news papers, at the cinema or on the street.

You'll need to have a mobile bar code scanning application downloaded onto your handset.

If you are not able to download any of the scanners available, it means your specific mobile is not supported just yet. Check back every few weeks, as we keep adding more bar code scanners.

Some of the basic features you'll need to have on your mobile handset to support mobile bar code applications are as follows :

  • GPRS supported mobile phone
  • Have a camera at the back of the handset
  • Belong to a popular device manufacturer (Chinese handset support cannot be guaranteed)

2D Barcodes are 2-dimensional barcodes that you can scan with your mobile to make calls, send messages, connect to websites or other content like promotions, offers, discounts, location maps and more.

No. This service depends on the internet bandwidth of the user. The level of quality will depend on the Skype user's connectivity.
No you don't. However, you will be charged the standard rate plus taxes for updates sent via SMS.
Yes, you can use any phone model which has the SMS facility.
You can send your updates to 40404.

Sony devices:
K310i, K510i, K610i, K790i, W300i, W710i, W810i, W850i, Z550i
K550, K600, K750, K800, K810, K818, V600, V630i, W550i, W600, W700i,
W800, W830, W880, W900, W900, Z520i, Z525, Z530i, Z610, Z710

Nokia devices:
N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N81, N82, N90, N91, N92,N93, N93i, N95, N800
6600, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682
E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90
7610, 3230

Yes. You can send it to any Prepaid or Postpaid connection.

No, but initially you will be charged for the application download.

No, only 50 Dialog to Dialog SMSs per day.
Yes, to receive an MMS, you need to have this facility activated.
Yes, it is possible; but it is not available for all the countries.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store-and-forward messaging service that allows you to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. A great way to exchange photos, videos and multimedia with your friends, family, and colleagues.

No, the service is free-of-charge.

* If your SatNav is missing or stolen, please inform Dialog Telekom on 0777 728 628 as soon as possible.
* Do not plan a route on SatNav while you are driving. This is for your own safety
* SatNav will not identify a newly introduced one-way street or closed road. Thus, it is advised to proceed with caution at all times.
* Always adhere to road rules.
* Keep the device away from sunlight when not in use.

//Shouldn't this be a separate question?
* What are the unique features of SatNav?
* Frequently visited locations can be added to favourite list.
* Roads which are not mapped can be traced and uploaded.
* Newly mapped routes can be re-traced.

Kandy, Galle and Kurunegala districts will soon be available on SatNav.
When we replace your SIM card, we will transfer the phonebook memory and SMSs from your old SIM on to the new MaxSIM card, so that all your data remains on your phone.

Yes. Some handsets and SIMs will have more or different options offered on the Zer077Live menu compared to the rest.

You do not get charged for the messages that appear on your screen. However, once you enter a message and click on ‘Options’ to move further, you are charged with the applicable click rate.

The moment you activate, flashing messages start appearing on your handset screen. You can pick from news updates, cricket scores, stock indices, games, movie reviews and many other themes to receive alerts.

When alerts flash on your mobile screen, just select ‘OK’ to proceed further, and if you don’t, the message simply passes by.

Zer077Live is listed within 'Dialog Services' in your phone menu. However, the location of Dialog Services within your phone menu will differ based on your handset.

Simply receive the GPRS settings by typing GPRS and sending to 678.

You can use the streaming option or download option to view videos.

You only need a computer/streaming compatible mobile with a web connection (minimum 28.8 Kbps modem) and is capable of playing audio or video, plus player software that can receive and process audio/video streams. You may already have such software on your computer or mobile, but if not, it is available as a free download from RealOne.com.

Streaming video or audio is video (as on television) or sound (as on the radio) delivered over the Internet to the mobile handset.

It’s called “streaming” because the sound and picture data flow in a digital stream from a server computer to your computer/streaming compatible mobile ready to hear or view in real time, without having to download all of the content before you can enjoy it. It comes to you in a stream of digital bits… hence the term “streaming.”

If you do not set up any playing scenarios for the RingIN Tones you have purchased, then they will not play. Instead, the system will play either the preset traditional Ring Back Tones or other, previously set up RingIN Tones. Please dial 387 or click on RingIN Tone quick link on left hand corner for tone settings.
You can download a maximum of 48 RingIN Tones.

To deactivate : Type OFF RING and send to 678
Note: All purchased tones will be lost, even if you re-subscribe at a later time.

How do I know that the tones are being played according to the way I have set them up for particular people, dates or times?

Please click RingIN Tones quick link on the left hand column to check tone setup in My Tones. You may also request your caller to call you and listen to the RingIN Tones playing!

The theme oriented Music Box contains a wide selection of more than one RingIn Tone. If you have registered with RingIN Tones, you can purchase Music Boxes. You may set up the playing scenario of a Music Box as a single ring, and apply them to incoming callers, dates, and times. All the RingIN Tones in the Music Box will be played sequentially to the incoming callers, thereby allowing your callers to hear a variety of songs each time they call.
No, your friends will not be charged when they call and hear your RingIN Tones.
No. This service does not in any way require a special handset. RingIN Tones will apply to all your callers, and your phone will ring normally.

Yes, this service is available for both Dialog Prepaid and Postpaid connections.

No, you can get started right away.

If you do not wish to receive Call Me SMS request from any particular number, you can block the number by dialing #356#.

Yes, this service is available for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers.
No, this service is exclusively for Dialog customers.

Yes, but this is only on selected supplementary & peer group tariff packages like MY10.

With Budget SMS, you can send messages at just 10 cents to any Dialog mobile number.

Yes. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Go to Options on your Pocket Office web mailbox
2. Click on Message Management. Then click on Message Filtering and select Manage Message Filtering Rules
3. You will be directed to the Message Filter Rules page where you can create your mailbox rules.

You can select to receive alerts via SMS or e-mail. To set the alert, follow the instructions given below.

1. Go to Options on your Pocket Office web mailbox
2. Click on Notification Settings and select the preferred alert option

* Login to your Pocket Office web portal
* Go to Options in your mailbox and click on Setting-up Your Greeting
* You will be directed to the Voice Greeting Management page, where you can select greetings to be played at a preferred time
There is a Contacts tab in your mailbox web interface. You can add or modify your contacts listed on this page.

Yes, this can be done via D-Mail, where, all e-mails received to the Pocket Office mailbox can be forwarded to your mobile in the form of an SMS. To activate D-mail, type DMAIL and send to 678.

Once Dmail is activated on your mobile, follow the instructions below to activate this feature on your Pocket Office:

1. Login to your Pocket Office web portal
2. Go to Options in your mailbox and click on D-Mail Preferences
3. Select Enable

* Rs. 1/- will be charged for each SMS notification

Forward all your faxes or calls to 0777 011 011 and your fax messages will be directed to the Pocket Office mailbox.

For 4 different forwarding codes, the customer can customize 4 different personalized messages. Therefore if the customer forwards to a different code, the personalized message will not work. You have to make sure that the forwarding is done to the correct no., which is 077-7011011.
Dial (+94 if the customer is in another country) 077 7 022 022. The voice-guided menu will ask you to enter your mobile no. and password.
1234. Customers can change it when they're logging in from their own mobile phone.
The Voice Mail box would get reset. All personalized settings and messages would be deleted and, once deleted, would be impossible to retrieve.

20 messages. Once the capacity exceeds a recording will inform the caller that the mailbox is full and unable to record any new messages.

Only 14 days from the day the message was stored.

You can retrieve Voice Mail by dialing 771 or 711. It will cost Rs. 3.00 per minute. From a land line, please dial 077 7 022022 and follow the instructions.
No. Customers who used the facility frequently have it, but the customers who didn’t use it were disconnected when VM was migrated to the new Voice Mail system. Please reactivate the service to use Voice Mail again.

No. You will have to request for the facility with the new connection or activate it through our value added counter or by dialing 678 through the mobile.

It's simply your Voice Mail, Video Mail, e-mail and fax all in one mailbox. You can forward your calls, faxes and e-mails to and from this mailbox. To access all your messages dial 771 from your Dialog mobile or visit http://pocketoffice.dialog.lk and log in to your inbox using your MyDialog MOBILE username and password. This mailbox acts just about the same as any other mail account.

The relevant codes are 21, 67, 61, and 62

  • Divert All Calls: Type: **21*0777011011#ok
  • Divert When Busy: Type: **67*0777011011#ok
  • Divert When Unanswered (about 30 secs): Type: **61*0777011011#ok
  • Divert When Unreachable (off or out of coverage): Type: **62*0777011011#ok

Deactivation: ##002# and SEND/OK
Checking whether Divert is active: *# CODE # and SEND/OK. For example, to check whether all calls are diverted type *#21#

First you define when you want calls to go to voicemail. You can divert all calls, only when you're busy, when you don't answer the phone, etc. Then, depending on the conditions you set, some calls will get diverted to voicemail.


As an example, let's say you've set Voicemail to divert when unanswered. A friend calls and you're away from the phone. The call go to voicemail and they hear a friendly automated voice requesting them to leave a voice message. You return to your phone and see an SMS saying that you've got a new voicemail. You call 771 to check the message.


Dial 678 (Postpaid) and 676 (Prepaid) to activate CLI.

Watch out for the ‘Discount Zone’ message on your Dialog phone screen and simply dial #677# to register.

Or Check Discount Zone notification message on Zero77 Live and Press OK.

Divert all calls ** 21 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when busy ** 67 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when unanswered
(approx. 30 seconds)
** 61 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Divert when unreachable
(mobile off or no coverage)
** 62 * 0777 012012 # and SEND/OK
Checking whether Divert is active *# CODE # and SEND/OK


Type ##002# and SEND/OK
Or select "Cancel All Diverts" on the phone menu.

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