Broadband Internet is a term which refers to a signaling method that includes or handles a relatively wide range of frequencies which may be divided into channels. The wider the channel or bandwidth, the greater the information carrying capacity. In traditional data communication, a modem will transmit a bandwidth of 64 kilobits per second (Kbit/s) over a telephone line; over the same telephone line a bandwidth of several megabits per second (Mbits/s) can be handled by a Broadband connection, making your internet experience faster.

Due to different 4G technology adopted by different operators around the world, your 4G smartphone might be configured to run only on a specific country’s 4G network and thus not compatible with Dialog’s 4G network.

  • A smooth video experience on the move
  • Mobile HD streaming
  • Faster photo uploads 
  • Load websites faster
  • Download songs on the move faster
  • Download documents and presentations within a short period
Yes. You will be able to enjoy high speed data roaming (4G) only while roaming in Singapore with the Mobileone (M1) service provider. Your phone will need to support the band 1800MHZ. Dialog is working on expanding 4G LTE in Asia, Australia and Middle East in the near future.

Fixed LTE is for use at single location. Mobile LTE can be used on the move (where there is coverage). With Fixed LTE service email boxes and web space are provided

If you are in a 4G coverage area, you can experience 4G. If you move out of a 4G area, you will automatically (if you are in 4G preferred mode) fall onto the high speed 3G network or 2G network based on coverage and can continue using the data service.

Dialog Mobile LTE operates on 1800 Band 3.

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