Some people have frequently questioned the need for a MiFi Router when they can create mobile hotspot with their mobile phones. Following are the key benefits that can be achieved from using a MiFi.

  • MiFi provides a powerful WiFi connectivity on the go that can extend up to 20 meters in an open environment
  • High battery capacity and tailor-made hardware provides a much higher run time (6 to 7 hours)
  • Data speed is guaranteed with multiple connections connected to the MiFi, where as a mobile device may experience performance issues due to processing capacity limitations

MiFi takes care of your internet need in a fixed (stationery) environment and gives you the freedom to move around, unlike a WiFi router which is always connected to a power source and can’t be moved. You can create your own connected workplace wherever you are.

Device has its own high capacity battery (1500 mAh) which provides more than 6 hours run time. No need to look for a power source to set-up your work place/study.

Connect the USB cable that is provided, into the MiFi device and a USD power source.

Note: USB power sources that can be used: Standard phone charger, Car phone charger, Laptop USB.

MiFi is a portable router which connects to a mobile broadband network (By inserting a SIM card) and provides Internet connectivity through wifi to multiple devices.

It is a battery powered device, which you can use on the go. Device is small and light enough to easily fit in to your pocket.

Step 1: Switch ON your MiFi device and make sure the lights are on in Green colour

Step 2: Enable WiFi on the device that you want to access internet (Phone/ Laptop/ Tab) and search for available WiFi networks

Step 3: Select the MiFi name / network name of your MiFi and enter the password / WiFi Key and then select connect

WiFi extender is used to expand the coverage area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, and then transmitting the boosted signal. You can use this functionality to expand the coverage of your existing wifi solution to areas where strength is low.

Step 1: Login to the web interface using the credentials provided

Step 2: Click the ‘Tools’ Tab

Step 3: Click ‘SMS conversation’ and SMS ‘Myuse’ to 678

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