You can play the game in the English, Sinhala or Tamil languages.
Mega Run රන් පැය promotion is a spontaneous promo hour where data prizes and winning chances are maximized. Customers will be informed of this date/time period, along with the maximized prize validity via social media and in-app notifications randomly. Players who play the game during this period will be entitled to larger prizes and higher chances of winning.
Entering another Dialog mobile number is possible. But you must first erase all existing data (including coins, high score etc.) using the ‘Profile’ menu within the game.
When you hit an obstacle and the game ends, you can re-run from the same place where you hit the obstacle using several options. Dialog Prepaid customers can simply use a recharge card or activate a Data pack to re-run.
The game can be downloaded on Google Play. You may also receive the direct download link via SMS by calling 0773 121 121
The app is available for Android versions 4.3 and above.

Dialog Mega Run can be played by both Prepaid and Postpaid Dialog customers. If a Dialog Corporate customer wants to play the game, he/she will need to activate Prepaid services for Postpaid (by dialing #678*1# from phone) or customers connected to Wi-Fi may play the game using a valid individual Dialog mobile number.

Non-Dialog customers will be able to play the game using a valid individual Dialog mobile number.

Players can win FREE Data by spinning the Mega Wheel found in between the game (this a random winning chance).
Open the Mega Run app, select ‘AR’ on the start screen and point your camera toward the tracker (the Mega Run logo). AR gameplay will then be automatically initiated
Mega Run AR is the Augmented Reality game play. This enables gamers to play Mega Run in a virtual 3D game environment by superimposing the game on the user’s view of the real world, therefore providing them with a composite view.
Unfortunately, this is not allowed and doing so may result in the user being permanently blocked from the game.

A player can be blocked from playing the game for two reasons.

  • By playing the game on multiple devices using the same mobile number
  • Playing modified and unauthorised versions of the game.

Once a mobile number is blocked from the game system, the player will get a notification and will not be able to use the same mobile number to play the game in future.

You can win prizes by completing a daily challenge which consists of running a pre-determined distance i.e. run 1200 meters and win 1GB. The daily challenge will have a limited number of prizes to be won and the challenge will automatically close once all the prizes allocated for the day are won.
The daily challenge will start at random times within the day. You have to launch the game to find out.

If the daily challenge prizes finish while you are running, you will be notified via an in-app notification.

Note: the notification of end of prizes will appear only after you complete the daily challenge and not before.

You can see how many lives you have remaining from the ‘Lives’ icon in the main menu, situated in the top left corner of your screen.
You can get multiple lives when you revive using Dialog Mega Wasana draw numbers, recharge a scratch card or activate a Data pack within the game revival screen. For example, using a Dialog Mega Wasana Draw number will give you 2 lives and activating a Rs.49 Data card will give you 4 lives.

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