Send the key word to the 889 or dial #889# & select the tickets you want to register for
Ticket Key Word
Govi Setha GS GS<space>NIC
Mahajana Sampatha MS MS<space>NIC
Jathika Sampatha JS JS<space>NIC
Supiri Vasana SV SV<space>NIC
Neeroga NR NR<space>NIC
Mega Power MP MP<space>NIC
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Govi Setha    
Mahajana Sampatha    
Mega Power          
Jathika Sampatha          
Supiri Wasana          
Purchase Lotteries by the National Lottery Board via SMS, WEB or USSD.
  • Customers can purchase National Lotteries Board (NLB) lotteries through Mobile
  • It is a Sales channel extension for NLB
  • Customer can send the specific key word to 889 short code to purchase lottery tickets
  • Customer will be charged Ticket Price + Rs.4.00 as Convenience Fee + Gov. taxes related to the
  • Convenience Fee
  • Customer can either a) Subscribe to packages or b) Buy on-demand

Dial #889# & Select On Demand and Select the ticket

Or select below keywords & send to 889

Ticket Key Word
Govi Setha OGS OGS_No of tickets_NIC
Mahajana Sampatha OMS OMS_No of tickets_NIC
Jathika Sampatha OJS OJS_No of tickets_NIC
Supiri Vasana OSV OSVS_No of tickets_NIC
Neeroga ONR ONR_No of tickets_NIC
Mega Power OMP OMP_No of tickets_NIC
  • These lotteries are open to aged 18 years or above Sri Lankan citizens only.
  • Lucky889 platform will host all lotteries marketed by National Lotteries Board of Sri Lanka (NLB).
  • When tickets are purchased through Lucky889 mobile phone operators will charge a convenient fee and related government taxes.
  • Prize structure will be as per the structure published by NLB for each lottery.
  • Consumers can purchase tickets by simply sending an SMS to 889 short code with the relevant key word. Both subscription and on-demand (one off purchase) models are available for purchasing.
  • In order to purchase tickets, user has to have sufficient credit in their mobile account.
  • Should possess a valid National identity card number.
  • Once subscribed for each lottery package weekly billing will be happening. Based on the credit availability we will send the immediate draw tickets.
  • Users can subscribe multiple packages and can purchase up to 10 tickets for on demand service.
  • Lottery draws happen as per the published dates by NLB given in the "Available lotteries and draw dates" visit
  • Official results will be notified after the draw happens via SMS to all subscribers according to the lottery.
Prize Range Distribution Mechanism
Rs 100 or below Reload or add to bill
Above Rs 100 - Rs 20,000 Mobile Cash/bank transfer
Above Rs 20,000 Through NLB

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