Zer077 Live is a push service, where messages (short flash messages on quizzes, tips, jokes, riddles, games, wall paper and service related) are delivered to your mobile phone. You will not be charged for these messages. However, you will only be charged when clicking on a message to interact or for more info
  1. Select 'Dialog Services' on your phone menu
  2. Select Zer077 Live followed by 'Activations', then click on 'Activate'
  3. Choose 'Update Handset' on your Zer077 Live menu
You can deactivate these services via the MyDialog app or by dialing #678*6#.
In order to activate these services you need to go to the service access URL provided and promoted to you by the service provider (visit the portal for available services) and provide dual consent to activate the services.

Step 1 – Set Parent Contact

Enter a parent contact number on the application so that you receive a text whenever Vodafone Guardian is deactivated for any reason. Enter 'Save'.
You will receive a message when an emergency call is made from the handset.

Step 2 – Appoint a password

The app can be controlled via a password. Changes cannot be made to the Guardian app settings without this password.
Enter your password twice and 'Save'.

Step 3 – Enable Message Helper

If you enable Message Helper, the app will show a 'I Do Not Accept This' button next to incoming messages. Pressing that button will make the message disappear from your child’s in-box.
Go to Message Helper and click 'always enabled', 'never-enabled' or 'Enabled between' (and enter your chosen hours and days).

Step 4 – Customise the settings

Customise settings for calls, text messages and phone features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Browser and Adding and Removing Apps.
For example:

  • To set a schedule for when your child can receive or make calls or receive texts, click on ‘Calls and Messages’ then ‘Active Hours’ and choose the time limits. This limits how your child uses their mobile during school hours or after bedtime.
  • If you prefer your child to not have access to the internet at all from their mobile, go to 'Phone Features' then 'Browser' and choose 'Never allowed'
  • To prevent use of the camera when at school, go to 'Phone Features' then 'Camera' and set the timer underneath 'Allowed between'

Vodafone Guardian has been developed by the Vodafone Foundation (registered charity no. 1089625) as part of its Mobile for Good programme.

The benefit cover pays the amount according to the cover selected by the customer. The Basic Cover pays an amount of Rs. 1,200.00 per night from the first night onwards, up to a maximum of 30 nights.
  • Claim procedure
    • Step 1 - call 444
    • Step 2 - select the preferred language
    • Step 3 - press 2 for the Dialog Per Day Insurance Service
    • Step 4 - press 2 for the Hospitalization Support Plan
    • Step 5 - press 2 for claims
    • Step 6 – your call will be transferred to a Customer Care Agent, who will assist you on claim eligibility and how to register

  • Hospitalization Cash Claim Benefit Claim Form

  • Claims are required to be initiated within 90 days of being discharged from the hospital
  • The processing of claims will commence only after receiving these documents:
    • Completed claim form
    • Copy of completed diagnosis card
    • Copy of identification document (identity card/driving license)
  • The insurance partner will pay claims within 5 working days of complete submission of forms

Step 1
Dial #107*1#

Step 2
Select ‘Register for Hospitalization Support Plan’ and provide the required details to register (customer name, NIC) and dial confirmation code #107*1#

Step 3
You will receive a welcome SMS from Dialog Hospitalization Support Plan to confirm your registration

Step 4
For prepaid customers, payments are made through daily deductions from their phone or monthly if you are a postpaid customer

Step 5
Upon hospital admission, call our customer support line on 444 and an insurance agent will assist you

Step 6
Your insurance cover will be paid out within 5 working days after you submit the completed documents

For further questions and claims, call 444

Daily airtime deduction renewed monthly, based on successful deduction (partial coverage depending on deduction success). If you do not have a sufficient credit balance on your prepaid phone, we will adjust the cover so that you are still covered when not fully deducted (partial paid insurance coverage* provided if complete deduction not possible).

Upon diagnosis of dengue of an Insured Person defined in the Policy, the highest of the following shall be payable:

The Dengue Cash Grant stated below or the Standard Hospital Cash Payment depending on duration of hospitalization as per scale (refer annexure 01 in Terms and Conditions), subject to compliance with all listed benefit triggers.

Monthly premium No of days covered Dengue cash grant
Rs. 50.00 to Rs. 129.00 16-30 or 31 days Rs. 12,500
Rs. 01.00 to Rs. 49.50 01 to 15 days LKR 6,250

The above will be subject to:

  • The annual limit of Rs. 36,000.00 stated under Section 1.1 of the Policy.
  • Compliance with benefit triggers stated below.

HD Voice refers to next-generation technology which offers significantly higher voice quality for calls using mobile phones providing an improved user-experience. HD Voice helps you to communicate better without any noisy interruptions by filtering background noise through advanced noise cancellation features.

HD Voice compatible devices are smart phones/devices listing "Supports WB-AMR (Wide Band – Adaptive Multi Rate) or G.722.2". In addition, both caller and receiver should have HD compatible devices and HD-enabled 3G or 2G network.

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