• Simply dial #132# on your phone and select option 1 for SIM ownership.
  • To confirm your address select option 3

Use the below screens as a guide on how to do the ownership confirmation

Individual / Personal connection

Main Menu

Option 1
Name & NIC is Correct

Option 3
Address is Correct

All Information are Correct

Option 4
Other Connections Under ID

Option 4 - Continued
Other Connections Under ID

Corporate / Office connection

Main Page

Option 1
SIM Ownership

Option 2
My Number

Option 3
Address Confirmation

Option 4


Required Documents to Correct Ownership

  • SIM
  • National Identity Card / Driving License / Passport
  • Proof of Address

If the connection has been provided to a loved one/person known and you still want to maintain the ownership with you then user details can be updated as care of information on system by visiting and outlet. However the owner of the connection is still responsible for the connection.

Clarifications on connections under your NIC
  • All connections registered under your identification can be identified by dialing #132# and selecting option 4
  • If there are connections that are not recognized by you which are registered under your NIC then the same can be disconnected
  • A reconnection on such numbers will be done only if the respective user registers the connection under his/her name
  • Disconnection of such connections can be requested by visiting an outlet or by sending a fax / email / letter by the customer. The letter / email / Fax should contain details of the numbers to be disconnected, customers signature and a copy of the NIC attached to proceed with such requests.
Visit our RingIN tones web site on ringintones.dialog.lk/prbt2/
Dialog’s Auto-Loan facility allows Pre Paid customers to request credit directly from Dialog or from another Dialog Mobile subscriber. Simply dial #147# USSD or Dial 356 IVR to activate.

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