Take control of your Data Roaming when overseas! Now all Prepaid and Postpaid Roaming customers can Activate/Deactivate Data Roaming Service even whilst they roam.

The below FAQ lists everything you need to know

What is Data Roaming Service Activation and Deactivation?

Data Roaming Activation and Deactivation Service is where customers can Activate and Deactivate Data Roaming, while keeping only Voice and SMS Roaming services active.

Who is eligible for this service?

All Prepaid and Postpaid customers can use this service.

How can I Activate/Deactivate my Data Roaming Service?

Simply Dial #103# and select Option 2 or Call the Dialog Roaming Hotline on +94777 999 777 (Charges applicable) or 1777.

When Data Roaming is Deactivated, do I have to turn ON data once I return to Sri Lanka?

No, even though data roaming is deactivated while roaming using this option,the local data service would be active and you don’t need to turn ON data when you return to Sri Lanka.