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Welcome to a world of exclusivity and privilege. Dialog Club Vision, as the most premier loyalty programme in the country, is your invitation to a top-tier customer and lifestyle experience. As a member, you will be a part of the expansive Dialog network, along with its partner merchants across the country, ready to reward you, throughout the year with our carefully selected offers and personalised discounts.

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Club Vision Member

We believe in rewarding loyalty and here lies your entrant into the Club Vision family. To be part of a select few Dialog customers, you are required to have 400,000 tier points to be eligible for Club Vision Platinum, 180,000 tier points for Club Vision Gold, 120,000 tier points for Club Vision Silver and 90,000 tier points Club Vision Bronze.

  • Bronze

    Points needed

  • Silver

    Points needed

  • Gold

    Points needed

  • Platinum

    Points needed

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  • Dialog customers are eligible to earn tier points based on the monthly paid amounts of all their bills.
  • Tier points earned from 01st December 2019 to 30th November 2020 will determine your Loyalty Status (Club Vision Platinum, Club Vision Gold, Club Vision Silver, Club Vision Bronze or Club Vision Red) for the year 2021.
  • These tier points are added monthly and could be checked through the MyDialog App or the monthly bill.
  • The total amount due as at 30th November 2020 needs to be settled in full, on or before the 30th November 2020, in order to be eligible for the Loyalty status.
  • Any outstanding debt to Dialog from permanently disconnected services will invalidate eligibility unless all outstanding amounts are fully cleared by 30th November 2020.
  • Timely settlement of bills and good credit behaviour will be considered for eligibility of membership.
  • Monthly payments for any add-to-bill schemes, doctor’s appointments, bus/movie ticket purchases, easy payment device schemes and total taxes charged to your bill are not eligible to earn tier points.
  • The company reserves the right to determine what components of the paid in amounts will qualify to earn these points.
  • As a loyal customer of Dialog, 100 points for each completed month on the network, will be earned on the connection with the longest network stay.
  • Points cannot be transferred or shared in full or partially.
  • Dialog does not have a scheme where additional points can be purchased, i.e. points of a third party cannot be purchased or added to your own account.
  • New customers to the Club Vision program will be required to follow the verification process before they are awarded their Loyalty status.
  • Club Vision membership will be offered to the contractual/legal registered owner of the connection and not to a third party.
  • Club Vision discounts offered, strictly cannot be transferred or carried forward to the following year. All discounts have to be fully utilized before 31st December.
  • Membership for Club Vision will be offered at the discretion of Dialog Axiata PLC and Dialog retains the right to downgrade, revise or discontinue membership at any time without informing the customer.
  • Terms & Conditions will apply

Exclusive Dialog Offers

Experience our exclusive member promotions,
discounts and deals

Mobile Phones
Platinum 100%
Gold 50%
Silver 40%
Bronze 30%

* Platinum members can enjoy a discount of a flat rate of Rs.75,000 while all other members can benefit from first purchase discounts up to a maximum value of Rs.60,000 on phones

  • Home Broadband Connection

  • Mobile Broadband Connection

  • Dialog Television

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
50% 35% 25% 20%

*Terms and conditions apply

If you are a Club Vision or Club Vision Red customer, we have more offers entitled to you from Dialog

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