Enjoy a hassle free roaming experience with the best roaming rates and data plans on ANY network in the country you visit! Now available in over 200 destinations!

  • No more manual network selection required
  • A single lowest tariff offered
  • Helps predict your bills & control costs
  • No deposit required!

To activate Roaming:
Dial #103*3# or use the MyDialog App


Roaming Available

Voice & SMS Rates

    Call Sri Lanka

    Call Sri Lanka

    Call within Roaming Country

    Call Within

    receive Calls

    Receive Calls

    call other countries

    Call Other Countries

    Send SMS

    Send SMS

    Receive SMS

    Receive SMS

  • Applicable Rates

    per min

    per min

    per min

    per min

    per SMS


Activate Roaming Service


  • If you experience “no network coverage” while roaming it may be due to poor 4G coverage in that area. If you face such an issue, it is recommended to change the network mode to 3G/2G and then conduct a manual network selection. Click here to see Network Settings. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Illegal termination of calls to Sri Lanka is strictly prohibited. If detected, Dialog may, without prior notification, charge Rs. 300 per min.
  • All Roaming services have been limited in Jammu and Kashmir, due to restrictions put in place by the Government of India
  • Roaming Service is enabled by default for all prepaid connections.
  • Above rates are excluding Government taxes

Voice & SMS Plan

You can now enjoy Unlimited Voice & Unlimited SMS for just USD 5 a day.

  Rental Call
Sri lanka
Call Within
Send SMS Receive SMS
Big Talk Plan 5 USD
per day
Unlimited 50
Unlimited Free

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  • Due to restrictions by Roaming Partners, unlimited calling within the countries ‘Nepal and UAE’ has been temporarily disabled from Big Talk roaming plan. You will be charged standard roaming rates when making calls in Nepal and UAE. All other features of the Big Talk roaming plan will remain the same while roaming in both countries. We apologise for any inconvenience caused
  • To activate the Big Talk plan simply dial #103*1# or use the MyDialog app
  • Once the allocated minutes (50 minutes to call home & 50 minutes for incoming calls) are consumed, voice will be charged as per your normal tariff
  • You can activate Data Roaming plans along with the Roaming Big Talk plan

Data Plans & Rates

Standard Rate

Rs. 54 per MB


  • To activate a Data Plan, dial #103*2# or use the MyDialog App. Please click here if you wish see more details about Data Roaming Plans.
  • For customers who have not opted for Dialog’s standard Data Roaming Plans, we are happy to offer you UNLIMITED Data roaming for a max. cost of USD 10 per day (00:00:00 Hrs to 23.59:59 Hrs Sri Lankan time) or you will be charged depending on the per MB rate applicable to the visited country.
  • The above rates are excluding Government taxes.
  • Please contact the roaming hotline on +94 777 999 777 (subject to charges) or email us at roam@dialog.lk for more information.