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Commercial Bank Credit Card Holders Only

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I hereby authorize Dialog Axiata PLC to debit the cost of the below mentioned account(s)/connection(s) and any charges pertaining to same to my credit card submitted with this application.

The amount may be debited on the due date and if it is a holiday, day prior to the due date, or, as and when this account/connection exceeds the respective credit limit.

I also undertake to keep Dialog Axiata PLC informed of the expiry date of the credit card, and extend my standing order upon my verbal request after card expiry, provided the card number is same, in order to ensure an uninterepted continuation of this facility.

Registration process will take 3 working days.

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I agree to above Dialog and Commercial Bank Terms and conditions

You will be redirected to the Commercial Bank website, in order to complete registration . You will be charged Rs.1/- for card confirmation.