Filter all your unwanted incoming calls while roaming using Call Screening.

This service will simply filter all your unwanted incoming calls while roaming, and allow up to 20 important numbers that you would like to receive calls from while roaming since CLI is not supported.

Registration – Free, Contact Roaming hotline or register while subscribing for roaming facility.
Rental – Free

1. How to add the 10 numbers to my Profile

CS<space>ADD<space><mobile number 1><, or space><mobile number2>…<mobile number 10> and send to 8892

2. How to delete any numbers

CS<space>DEL<space>< mobile number 1><, or space><mobile number 2> and sent to 8892

3. How to setup reply SMS for those who tried to reach you

CS<space>REPLY<SPACE><message> and sent it to 8892

4. How to delete SMS reply message

CS<space>REPLY<SPACE>DEL and send it to 8892

5. How to view my profile (list of numbers entered)

CS<space>PROFILE and send it to 8892

6. How to Switch On CALL SCREENING (prior to departure)

CS<space>ON and send it to 8892

** Then Divert “ALL CALLS” to 0777012012
Short Code – just dial, * * 21 * 0777 012 012 # in-order to divert all calls to MCA.

7. How to Switch Off CALL SCREENING (upon arrival)

CS<space>OFF and send it to 8892

** Then Cancel diverts “ALL CALLS”
Short Code – just dial, # # 002 # in-order to cancel all diverts.

You need to Divert “All Calls” to 0777012012 (Miss Call Alert)