• Car Connect

An advcanced On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) device and smartphone app.

  • Vehicle Health : Low battery alerts, read all diagnostic trouble codes (ECU error codes) and research them online.
  • Location Tracking : Real time tracking and location alerts every minute. Programmable for any time interval as desired.
  • Driver Behaviour : Driving score, driving habits assistance – hard breaking & rush acceleration, alerts to stay under speed limits.
  • Trip Analytics : Comparative engine diagnostics with similar vehicles on the platform. Trip history, fuel economy, gear ratios.
  • Service Reminders & Alerts : Set service reminders, insurance and revenue license renewals. Enable alerts for harsh driving, roadside assistance, Geofencing etc.
  • Offline Alerts : Get alerts straight to your smartphone, even when the device is unplugged.
Car Connect Rs 11,990.00

Terms & Conditions

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