We are pleased to inform you that the Dialog Television satellite migration has now been successfully completed for over 800,000 customers. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the service interruption and we thank you for bearing with us through this period. However, if you are still experiencing any service interruptions, please type TV (space) your Dialog TV account number & SMS to 679 from your Dialog mobile or 0770 679 679 from any other mobile network and we will remotely update your decoder. Please keep your decoder switched ON and tuned to an active channel.

Whilst assuring you of our best service always, we wish to inform you that you can now ENJOY ALL CHANNELS on your Dialog TV at no extra fee till 30th April 2017. You could also avail yourself for UNLIMITED ACCESS (free subscription) to iFlix Video on Demand service for a period of 6 months via Dialog ViU ( This exclusive benefit on iFlix is valid for registrations till the 30th of April 2017.

How did we reach you all this time?

The satellite, Intelsat-12, which we were using to broadcast our channels to you was located at an orbital slot of 45 degrees East as shown on the global map and thus the reason why we had all our satellite broadcast receiving dishes pointing towards the Western sky.

Why we had to make this change?

  • IS-12 was launched in 2002 and has now come to its end of life. From July 2017 onwards, IS–12 will leave its orbital slot and move away from earth.
  • A replacement satellite, Intelsat–904, was moved to the same orbital slot by the end of March 2017 to take over the role of IS–12.
  • It was mandatory that we shift from IS-12 to IS-904 in order to ensure continuity of broadcast to our subscribers.
  • As the new satellite is also located at the same orbital location; there was no requirement for the re-alignment of the satellite broadcast receiving dishes at your home.

What is the benefit of this change to you?

Better signal
We have a narrower beam with concentrated power and better error correction.


Better picture quality
We have taken more bandwidth to carry the same number of channels.
In the new satellite, we have 260 MHz, which means that each channel gets more bandwidth and therefore the picture quality of each channel becomes clearer and sharper.

How do I carry out a Decoder Reset or a Decoder Channel Search?

If your Dialog Television menu looks like this, please carry out a decoder reset

  • Step 1 - Tune to an active channel,
  • Step 2 - Press the Menu button on the remote control
  • Step 3 - Select Installation
  • Step 4 - Select Factory Default
  • Step 5 - Enter 0000
  • Step 6 - Wait for the reset process to be completed.

If your Dialog Television menu looks like this, please carry out a channel search

  • Step 1 - Tune to an active channel
  • Step 2 - Press the Menu button on the remote control
  • Step 3 - Select system settings
  • Step 4 - Select channel search
  • Step 5 - Press OK
  • Step 6 - Press EXIT once the action has been completed.


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