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How does couple blaster works and how can i activate the same ?

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    September 26, 2020 at 12:28 pm

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    Monthly rental - Rs. 123
    Validity Period - 30 days
    Can be activated by any dialog mobile connection, either prepaid or postpaid.
    can nominate another dialog number, either prepaid or postpaid.
    **Calls and SMS between the two number, originating from any of the two will be FREE OF CHARGE**

    //FOR Activation//

    Mobile Prepaid Customers

    Step 1: (one-time effort) Enter your couple number by dialing #171#. You can change this number only once a month for FREE.
    Step 2: Reload Rs. 123

    Mobile Postpaid Customers

    Step 1: Dial #171# and enter the couple number to activate the pack. Rs.123 will be charged from your postpaid account balance on each bill cycle.

    for more information, visit, https://www.dialog.lk/couple-blaster