To further enhance the ease of solving mobile related issues, Dialog has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based voice assistant, exclusively for its mobile customers. The app can be accessed via any Amazon Alexa enabled devices, Google Home devices or mobile devices that supports Google Assistant.

If you are currently using Google Assistant on your mobile phone or a Google Home device, simply start by saying, “Okay Google, talk to Dialog”. You will then be asked to sign up with your mobile number. Upon verification, you may begin asking mobile connection related queries, mentioned under the 'Capability' list.

If you are using any Alexa enabled device, search and enable the skill name “Dialog” on the Alexa Skills page and follow the instructions on the skill description.

Additional Details


Please refer the user guides for more information.

  • Google Assistant [PDF]
  • Amazon Echo [PDF]

Frequently asked questions

An artificially intelligent bot that helps users check mobile account related information with ease
With a Google Assistant enabled device (Google Home, Google Home Mini or Android or iOS with the Google Assistant App) or an Amazon Alexa enabled device (Echo Dot)
Say “Okay Google, talk to Dialog” on your Google Home device. You will receive a URL on the Google Home mobile app
Open Google Assistant on the phone by long pressing the ‘Home’ button, say 'talk to Dialog'. You will receive a URL on the app
On the Amazon Alexa mobile app, search for “Dialog” on the skill list and enable the skill . Then, follow the commands as given on the skills description
A secure PIN will be sent to your Dialog mobile number
No. Only Dialog mobile numbers can be used to configure the skill
Upon the successful configuration of your mobile number, you can check your Postpaid bill balance, unbilled usage for postpaid account(running balance), Prepaid outstanding and what's playing now and next on a given DTV channel
Upon successful configuration of your mobile number, you can check bill balance, unbilled-usage, credit limit, last bill, get an e-bill, your Data balance, connection status, reason for disconnection and other connections under your NIC
Say “Alexa, save my number” and follow the instructions given by alexa. Please note that you have to say the mobile number digit-by-digit and mobile number starting from zero
By clicking the link sent on the Google Home app or Assistant app, you will be redirected to a web URL to enter your mobile number manually
No, only one time configuration is required
Once your mobile number has been configured, 'Dialog' will be invoked and you can ask any question with the keyword including your intent (e.g.: to check your bill balance, the user can say; “can I know my bill balance?”, “what is my bill balance?”, “bill balance?”, “tell me the bill balance etc.)
Invoke Dialog skill by saying “Alexa, open Dialog” and start asking questions
Say “bye” or “exit”
You can do this by google assistant app on your mobile. Invoke the app by saying “Okay Google, talk to Dialog” and select the on the top right corner of the assistant app and on the app description, there will be a toggle icon to unlink account
Invoke the skill & ask to save the number, previous Mobile Number will be replaced by new number
Google Home, Google Home Mini and Alexa Echo Dot are currently available on
Refer to the device setup guide/manual in order to do this. Dialog will only provide the service.