Dialog Merit Scholarships

The Dialog Merit Scholarships programme provides financial assistance to the top performers at the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) Ordinary Level (O/L) and G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) examinations each year in order to help students further pursue their higher education. Annually two cohorts of students, one group having excelled at the O/L examination and the other having excelled at the A/L examination, are inducted into two parallel programmes. From the younger cohort, thirty top-performing students at the O/L examination whom selected Physical Sciences for their A/L studies are financially supported during the two years leading up to their A/L examination. The cohort of 30 is comprised of the five top-performing students in the country as well as the top-performing student from each of the 25 districts, all having selected Physical Sciences for their A/L examination. A fruitful collaboration between Dialog and the Ministry of Education (MOE) these students are effectively managed during the course of their A/L studies. Eligible candidates are determined by the MOE. Since the commencement of the programme, the Dialog Merit Scholarship scheme has assisted over 700 talented students through a commitment in excess of Rs. 100 million thus far.

The second parallel cohort is comprised of top performers at the A/L examination in the Physical Sciences stream who specialize in select Engineering disciplines. This cohort, among the students specializing in engineering disciplines is comprised of the best-performing student in the country in the Physical Sciences; the next-best performing female student in the country in the Physical Sciences; and the top performing A/L students from each district in the Physical Sciences. Managing this cohort is carried out as a partnership between Dialog and the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC). The candidate selection process is carried out by the UGC which also monitors student performance.

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