Dialog Home Broadband in collaboration with Guru.lk, aims to encourage online learning by providing access to school curriculums online. With E - learning courses worth Rs. 30,000 available for absolutely free, Dialog Home Broadband is set to become the #1 network for online learning.

Guru School Buddy contains educational content for the grade 1 – 13 school curriculums. Each grade will have selected subjects. Find available grades and subjects below

Benefits for Home Broadband customers

Dialog Home Broadband customers will get the following Guru School Buddy courses subscription FREE for 3 months

  • Advanced Level Mathematics Stream Subjects
    • Combined Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
  • Advanced Level Science Stream Subjects
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
  • Advanced Level Commerce Stream Subjects
    • Accounts
    • Economics
    • Business Studies
  • Grade 11 Science Revision
  • Grade 11 Mathematics Revision
  • Grade 11 English Revision
  • Grade 10 Science
  • Grade 10 Mathematics
  • Grade 10 English
  • Grade 6 Science
  • Grade 6 Mathematics
  • Grade 3-5 Scholarship Environment
  • Grade 3-5 Scholarship Sinhala
  • Grade 3-5 Scholarship Mathematics
  • Grade 3-5 Scholarship Q/A

Courses will be Free of charge till 11th April 2019


How do I consume free content on Guru School Buddy via my HBB connection?

Follow the steps below :

1. Visit www.Guru.lk using your Dialog Home Broadband connection and login
2. When you login for the first time, a Pop-up banner will appear that allows you to click on ‘Go to My Courses’


For customers who have previously logged in, they will see the following static banner on the Guru page


The free courses available on Guru School Buddy will appear (refer below screen). Click on your preferred course to learn free of charge (Login is required to view the courses)


Will Guru School Buddy data consumption on Home Broadband be free?

No, any content used via Guru School Buddy will be consumed from your available data quota

Will I get 3 months free Guru School buddy content from my first login to guru school buddy?

No, irrespective of your first login date, Guru School buddy free content will expire on 11th of April 2019

Is the Guru School Buddy free for all Home Broadband customers?

The following Postpaid Home Broadband customers are eligible:

  • Standard Home Broadband customers
  • Government Package Home Broadband customers
  • Teachers Package Home Broadband customers