Dialog is always committed to giving you the Best Service. Our aim is to resolve all issues at first point of contact , via our service centers, call center or account managers, however if you feel that you need to escalate any issues that need our respective departmental heads' attention , you may contact the following:

escalation process

Escalation Level 1

Senior Management

Raushan Mawsoof

Senior Manager - Retail Operations, Group Service Delivery Frontline
email raushan@dialog.lk
email +94 0777088293

Senior Management

Sadiq Javadh

Senior Manager – Customer Experience Operational Excellence – Group Service Delivery
email Sadiq.Javadh@dialog.lk
email +94 777088366

Senior Management

Geeth Perera

Senior Manager Dialog Enterprise Support Centre
email geeth.perera@dialog.lk
email +94 117102297

Escalation Level 2

  Corporate Management Senior Management
Club Vision Sharmila Hamid

Sharmila Hamid

General Manager - Club Vision and Priority Loyalty Program, Group Service Delivery
email Sharmila.Hamid@dialog.lk
email +94 777088643

Retail Hemaka Balasuriya

Hemaka Balasuriya

Head - Retail Operations, Group Service Delivery
email Hemaka.Balasuriya@dialog.lk
email +94 777081113

Enterprise Solutions Senior Management

Ramanan Devairakam

Senior General Manager - Large Enterprise & Business Development, Large Enterprise
email ramanan@dialog.lk
email +94 777330003

Senior Management

Navin Pieris

Vice President - Enterprise Business and Large Enterprise Sales
email Navin.Pieris@dialog.lk

  Corporate Management Senior Management
National Sales Senior Management

Pradeep Keerthirathne

Vice President – National Sales
email pradeepk@dialog.lk
email +94 777087850

Senior Management

Amali Nanayakkara

Group Chief Marketing Officer
email Amali.Nanayakkara@dialog.lk
email +94 777088988

Small Medium Business and National Sales

Senior Management

Channa Amarasekara

General Manager – Small and Medium Business and Modern Channels
email Channa.Amarasekara@dialog.lk
email +94 777082650

Escalation Level 3

  Corporate Management Senior Management

Service Centers and Contact Center

Senior Management

Sriantha Perera

Head – Customer Experience
(Operational Excellence) – Group Service Delivery

email sriantha.perera@dialog.lk
email +94 777088862

Senior Management

Sandra De Zoysa

Group Chief Customer Officer
email sandra@dialog.lk
email +94 777080808

Group CEO's Office Escalation

Group Chief Executive

Supun Weerasinghe
Group Chief Executive Officer

email ceooffice@dialog.lk
email +94 777081302