FinPal is the one-stop digital solution for all your financial needs. Download it today!

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FinPal is the one-stop digital solution for all your financial needs.
With FinPal you get,

  • Flexible loans with
    eZ Loan

    Apply for a loan from your mobile from anywhere at anytime

  • Widest reach

    Experience the largest mobile money & payment services network with over 20,000 cash points across the island

  • Scan & pay with LANKAQR

    Scan & Pay at any LANKAQR enabled merchant (over the counter and online) with your eZ Cash wallet in FinPal

  • Money in your Mobile
    – eZ Cash

    Link your eZ Cash wallet to FinPal and access mobile money anytime, anywhere to make a range of transactions and send money to anyone instantly

  • Add your Credit/ Debit cards

    Add your credit debit cards to make simple and secure bill payments

  • Start you DF Savings with Finpal

    Achieve your ambitions quickly. Discover the best ways to save with the Dialog Finance savings account


In the Internet age, almost everything is digital, including your bank account. Dialog Finance Savings Account is the best thing to happen to you, and it has made banking easier than ever. All you need to do is open a Dialog Finance savings account through the FinPal App! Don’t hesitate any more

What you can do with your Dialog Finance savings account

  • - Funds transfer: Transferring funds has never been so easy
  • - Easy cash withdrawal
  • - Make bill payments
  • - Safe and secure banking
  • - Banking on the move
  • - ATM card Management
  • - Keep track of your transactions


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5 Simple steps.

  • Step 1 - Download Finpal from Google Play store
  • Step 2 - Enter your mobile number. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number.
  • Step 3 - Enter the OTP (One Time Password) in the app to verify your mobile number.
  • Step 4 - Enter your NIC (National Identity Card) Number
  • Step 5 - You will be prompted to set a PIN for login and transactions

It is as easy as that.

Yes! You can access FinPal through Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection

FinPal user credentials, as well as individual product credentials, are solely the responsibility of the account user. Financial risks that occur by sharing the user login details will solely be under the user

  • Click on the “Forget PIN” in PIN entering screen
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) that is sent to your registered mobile number
  • Enter your preferred new PIN and press next
  • You will get a success message
  • You can now login using your new PIN
  • Your account is blocked in time intervals if incorrect PIN is entered more than 3 times
  • If you enter the wrong PIN for the 4th time, account will be blocked for 01 minute.
  • If incorrect PIN is entered after 01-minute block, account will be blocked for 02 minutes.
  • If incorrect PIN is entered after 02 minutes block, account will be blocked for 10 minutes.
  • If incorrect PIN is entered after 10 minutes block, account will be blocked for 04 hours.
  • The 04-hour block will continue for each incorrect attempt after this.
  • However, you can reset the PIN using the Forgot PIN option to avoid getting blocked again.
  • The OTP (One Time Password) is always sent to the Mobile number you have registered with Finpal
  • Please recheck if the Mobile number is correct
  • You can also Click ‘Resend OTP’, and resend OTP only up to 5 times.
  • If you enter the incorrect OTP even after resending the OTP for 5th time, the user account is temporarily blocked.
  • Users can start afresh by entering the mobile number after 120 sec.

Go to My profile in the hamburger menu and edit the details

Follow the guidelines available on the FinPal app. Failing which lodge a complaint to service@dialog.lk

While Finpal is a free app you might be charged for the respective products you use.

All your Utility payments will be updated within a maximum of 2 working days

  • Once you Register, if you are an existing eZ Cash user, you will be requested to activate the service
  • Click on add your wallet option
  • Enter your eZ Cash PIN
  • Wallet will be linked to the FinPal app.

Dial #111# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions to register for eZ Cash service Or download eZ Cash app and get registered using your mobile

  • Classic Account (Via USSD) – Possible
  • Power Account (Via Service Centre) - 3rd Party customers has to do an ownership transfer to proceed with the transaction.

If customer already remembers the existing PIN & requests for a PIN change -> Dial #111# & select the PIN change option. If cx has forgotten his PIN no & requests for a PIN reset -> Refer Process for PIN Reset

Customer will receive the PIN via SMS to his mobile

Customer should call 7111

  • Customer can direct the complaint to service@dialog.lk
  • Dialog 7111 and lodge the complaint
  • Visit any Dialog Outlet and lodge a complaint

Customer should visit one of our Dialog outlets and lodge a request

LECO & Water Board payments

Rs. 20

CEB bill payments

from Rs. 0 to Rs.200 - Rs. 10
from Rs.201 to Rs.1000 - Rs. 15
from Rs.1001 & above - Rs. 20

eZ Cash account will be locked, should advice customer to cash out money or transfer it to another account prior to the transfer.

A new eZ cash account will be created under new mobile number and funds will be transferred automatically and the same PIN will continue.

You need a bank account to use Ez Pay / you do not need a bank account for eZ Cash.

No, this is two separate accounts & has no relation from one to another

You can use any Sri Lankan VISA or Master card, that is enabled for online use by your card issuing bank. If you are not sure please check with your bank.

  • Click “Add” on the Credit/Debit Card icon
  • Enter your Card details
  • We will perform a transaction for verification with an amount between Rs. 1 - Rs. 5
  • Enter the transaction amount to activate
  • Done! Your card has been successfully added.
  • We don’t want to leave space for fraudulent transactions.
  • When you add a card, we will perform a random transaction from your card
  • You could verify your card by entering the random transaction value which can be found through your mobile banking / internet banking.
  • Alternatively, you can verify your card by obtaining the random transaction value for this transaction by calling your bank hotline
National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) Rs 50
Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) Rs 100
Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Rs 100

An innovative digital lending service which allows you to obtain a loan directly from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

This digital loan is offered to customers on an invitational basis. Invited customers will receive an SMS invitation. Customers may also check eligibility by downloading the FinPal app from the Google Play Store and following the instructions

Download the FinPal app from the Google Play Store and app stores and follow instructions

To your eZ Cash account or your preferred bank account

Cash will be deposited Immediately after approval to your account/wallet

Login to the FinPal app to check the status

Subject to loan eligibility conditions, you can request any loan amount between LKR 5,000 and LKR 20,000

At any given time, you can have only one active loan (one loan per NIC)

eZLoan is a complete digital solution. Therefore, physical documentation is not available. However, you may view your loan statement via the FinPal app

The day of the last payment will be considered as the loan close date

Login to the app, create a FinPal account, upload a selfie and a picture of your NIC. Then, update your personal information and bank account details if you choose your bank account as your loan disbursement method

No. You are required to make the repayments within the given period

Loan acc number is available in the app, or he can get that from any CS or call center agent who would refer CRM. For eZ cash its his FinPal registered mobile number which should be mentioned.

Applicable charges

Interest vary between Average 2.5% - 8% per month customer should login to app to check the eligible amount and interest rate

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It is an innovative digital savings product, which allows you to access your money directly from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere and 24*7

18 Yrs and above individuals (Srilankans citizens only) can open this savings account

Download the Finpal App from the Google Play Store and log in to the App

Select the Dialog Finance savings card and follow the instructions

Valid ID proof (NIC /PP /DL)

If permanent address differs with the ID proof, any one of the following billing proofs, which is not more than 3 months old should be submitted

  • Driving License
  • Utility bill (EXCEPT mobile bill)
  • Bank Statement /Passbook
  • Letter from a public authority
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Income tax receipt / Assessment notice

You can transfer money from your other bank account via internet banking or mobile banking

Log in to the Finpal App and view the DF Savings dashboard

  • Add money from other banks via internet banking or mobile banking
  • Transfer money to DFP A/c or other bank A/c
  • View your transaction history

There is no minimum deposit to open a DF Savings account

  • ATM withdrawals LKR50,000/- per day
  • To other banks LKR250,000/- per transaction
  • To DF to DF savings A/c LKR1,000,000/- per transaction

No, you will receive an e-statement every month end

You will eligible for 4.50% p.a. interest rate

Interest is calculated at the end of day balance and credited on every 25th of each month

  • All outward CEFT transfers are free of charge
  • ATM charges will apply

There is no any minimum balance requirement at present

Currently No, you can only open an individual DF Savings A/c

  • Withdrawals from other bank ATMs LKR30/- per transaction
  • Balance inquiry LKR7.50
  • ATM card replacement LKR50/-
  • Dial #370#, select option 2 (ATM Card Services)
  • Select option 01 – New Card link and activation
  • Please enter your NIC number excluding the letter “V” or “X”
  • Please enter the full 19 digits of your card number
  • Please enter a preferred 4 digits PIN.
  • Re-enter the same PIN number
  • Your card successfully linked to the account and activated
  • Dial #370#
  • Select option 02 – ATM Card services
  • Select option 02 – PIN reset
  • Please enter the last 8 digits of your card number
  • Please enter a preferred 4 digits PIN.
  • Re-enter the same PIN number
  • Your PIN was successfully changed.
  • Dial #370#
  • Select option 02 – ATM Card services
  • Select option 03 – Card Block / Activation request
  • Please enter your NIC number excluding the letter “V” or “X”.
    • To block the card – press 01
      • Card will be automatically blocked
    • To Activate the card – press 02
      • Please enter the PIN
      • Card activated successfully
  • Dial #370#
  • Select option 02 – ATM Card services
  • Select option 04 – Balance inquiry
  • Please enter the last 8 digits of your card number
  • Please enter the 4 digits PIN
  • Your account balance will be displayed.

Any Lanka Pay ATM in Sri Lanka

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