The CDMA phone acts as a modem, which allows you to log into the Internet by using a common user name and password. This requires the following: A Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)/ Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP), which supports data (eg Huawei 2051) DB9 – DB9 or DB9 – USB cable to connect the phone to the PC. A DB9 – USB cable requires you to install the necessary USB drivers.

Additional Details


You can request all these Optional services for an additional cost of Rs 300 when applying for your CDMA phone. If you wish to apply for them at a later date, please visit any of our Arcades or franchise outlets.

Frequently asked questions

No activation needed as this will be automatically activated with the package.
  • Set the data speed in the phone to 11520bps
  • Connect the CDMA phone to the PC/Notebook
  • Create the internet connection on Dialog CDMA
  • Enter #777 as the phone number
  • Enter the username and password
You can also access the internet from your CDMA phone through “Dialog I” which lets you enjoy benefits of an email account. If you need more details about this service, please contact our customer service hotline 0777676576