Manage your Kid's internet usage with ease via
Child WiFi Service

Dialog Home Broadband Child Wi-Fi service helps you create a separate Wi-Fi network on the same router.

Once you create the Child Wi-Fi network, you can use the primary Wi-Fi network for your internet needs and your kids can use the Child Wi-Fi network for their internet needs.

With this facility, you can easily switch ON/OFF the Child Wi-Fi network anytime you want without compromising your internet experience


How to set up

  • Step 1

    Visit and login

  • Step 2

    Go to “Router Setting” and click on “Create Child Wi-Fi”

  • Step 3

    Create your Child Wi-Fi Name & Password

  • Step 4

    Switch-on the Wi-Fi on the device used by your child and connect it to the Child Wi-Fi network

  • Step 5

    You can switch ON/OFF the Child Wi-Fi service anytime you want by clicking on the “Activate” button


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers with a Dialog Home Broadband router can now create a separate Wi-Fi SSID (Wi-Fi Network) with a name and password of their choice. This Wi-Fi SSID can be switched on/off from anywhere at any time the customer wants.

Listed below are a few scenarios where this feature could be used;

  • Kids are always on the internet and, as a result of this, tend to neglect their studies and homework. On the other hand, parents cannot switch-off the internet as they are also working from home. The Child Wi-Fi feature will allow parents to create a separate Wi-Fi SSID to connect only to the devices used by their kids whilst also allowing them to keep it switched off when they don’t want their kids to access the internet, with no interruption to their own connectivity.
  • Small hotels, cafes and other businesses can also provide their guests controlled Wi-Fi access by creating a separate Wi-Fi SSID under the business name. The business can then have total control of the guest’s Wi-Fi usage. When the business is closed or when guests check-out the Wi-Fi SSID can be switched-off preventing unauthorized Wi-Fi access.

No, there is no website filtering as of now. We are hoping to provide this feature in the next version of the Child Wi-Fi facility.

No, it will be consumed from the same data quota of the primary or the main broadband package.

No, currently there is no option for this. We are hoping to provide this as an added feature in the future.

No, this feature is only available for Dialog Home Broadband postpaid customers. We are expecting to enable this feature for Per Day Home Broadband customers in the future.

Yes, the bandwidth received to the router will be shared between the Child and the Parent Wi-Fi SSIDs.

Yes, but we recommend following the password guideline provided to ensure the security of your Wi-Fi connection.

By clicking on “Change Settings” you can edit the primary and the Child Wi-Fi SSID settings.

The only way to remove the Child SSID is to reset the router using the reset button at the back or at the bottom of the router. By resetting the router, you will return to the factory settings erasing all the previously configured Wi-Fi names and passwords.

No, you cannot switch-off the primary Wi-Fi SSID.

No, this feature does not support corporate numbers.

This might be due to a poor signal strength or a connectivity interference faced in your area. Wait for 15 minutes and try again.

Yes, only the below listed models support this feature

  • Huawei B310s-925
  • Toed ZLT P25
  • Tozed ZLT S10
  • Tozed ZLT M60
  • Tozed ZLT P28

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