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What are the currently available Bill/FUP reset dates?

Bill Cycle FUP Cycle
1st to 31st 1st to 31st
11th to 10th 11th to 10th
21st to 20th 21st to 20th

How can I change my existing Bill/FUP cycles to another cycle as I need?

Visit any Dialog outlet and request via a letter.

Is there any possibility to mismatch the Bill/FUP cycles (Ex. Bill Cycle: 1st to 31st; FUP cycle 21st to 20th)?

No. Call Customer Service hotline on 011 7 100 100 immediately and get synchronized both the cycles to one.

How monthly rentals are calculated?

There is no any advance rental charge with -Dialog Home Broadband first - bill and first month rental amount will be charged according to the active days within the first billing cycle

Ref below example for more information.

Ex.1- If I purchased my Home Broadband connection on 14th July 2016 and I am on the 21st to 20th Bill cycle , my first bill will get generated by midnight of 20th July for the period of 7 days from 14th July to 20th of July .

Package 10GB

Rental 900
Rental for the period of 7 days (900/31)*7
Cess 4.15
Telecommunication Levy on Internet Service 20.74
Total invoice value for my 1st Bill 228.12

Ex.2 -If I purchased the connection on 21st May, my fist invoice will be generated by midnight of 20th June ( Full month)

Rental 900
Rental for the period of 31days 900
Cess 18.37
Telecommunication Levy on Internet Service 91.84
Total invoice value for my 1st Bill 1010.21

Note: Tax additions have been updated in green and - can - change according to - government tax regulations. What has been considered above is only the Cess & Telecommunication levy for the above calculation purpose

Can I upgrade or downgrade my monthly package?

Yes. All downgrades/upgrades to existing packages are free of charge

How do I know the credit limit for my HBB connection?

You minimum credit limit is equal to three times of your monthly rental, you can request additional data extensions within that limit and if you required more date which exceeds your credit limit you have to do a payment prior to request additional  data.

How can I maintain my HBB connection without disconnections?

You need to settle your monthly invoice  prior to the due date, Or you will get captured for disconnection due to exceeding your credit limit with in the bill cycle.

How long I can keep my connection in disconnected status?

We’ll keep your connection at temporally disconnected status for 30 days from Bill date and after 30 days service termination actions will be taken place. If we don’t receive the required payments after the termination ,we will take legal actions to recover the router.

Can I disconnect my connection temporally?

You can disconnect your connection on request for maximum of 3 months period after settling your total dues , if you do not get it activated within that period , termination and equipment recovery actions will be taken.

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